Settings - All settings tree

Tree representing the application settings organisation to easily find where each setting is located.

Category Sub category Setting
Theme, font and colors
Primary color
Import custom theme
Dynamic colors
Navigation and media start
Main navigation entries
Display navigation labels
Skip genre details page
Skip artist details page
Show queue next as drop target
Show playback messages
Default song action
Media Lists
Show media item counts
Hide top button row in lists
Additional song information in lists
Second additional song information in lists
Home page
Home page icon
Library page
Library shortcuts
Columns (Landscape)
Album page
Header thumbnail style
Show „More from artist“ section
More albums sort
Always show artist name in song list
Show „About“ section
Visible „About“ rows
Artist page
Header thumbnail style
Show „Albums“
Clolumns (Landscape)*
Group albums by type
Show „Appears on“
Show „Top tracks“
Show „About“ section
Visible „About“ rows
Genre page
Header thumbnail style
Show „Albums“
Show „Artists“
Show „Top tracks“
Playlist page
Header thumbnail style
Advanced settings
Change Language
Application logo
Keep Screen On
Screen Orientation
Hide Top Filter Button
Hide Cast Button
Show changelog on updates
Now playing screens
Show track number
Track number in media session
Compact now playing
Visible buttons
Compact player style
Round progress indicator
Expanded now playing
Screen style
Cover art style
Cover art margin
Background style
Button color
Animated progress bar
Overlay icons visibility
Show rating bar
Show volume controls
Show additional info
Show additional artits
Hide favorite button
Do not crop cover art
Expand player automatically
Swap thumbnail position in landscape
Equalizer – DSP
Save Now Playing state
Multiple queues
Personal mixes size
Min. play percentage before marking as played
Min. play time before saving resume point (in seconds)
Remember last renderer
Circular queue navigation
Retain player state
Pitch control
Automatic actions
Continuous playback
Volume auto play / pause
Headphone auto play
Bluetooth auto play
Pause playback on task removal
Ignore remote stop command
Decoding and Transcoding
Cellular maximum bitrate
Wifi maximum bitrate
Prefer internal decoder
Offload mode*
Hi-Res support for local renderer
Transcoding engine
Enhanced replay gain processor*
Audio Focus
Short audio focus action
Permanent audio focus loss
Headset buttons
Single click
Double click
Triple click
Remap next button
Remap previous button
Slower click detection
Notification/Media session buttons
Show skip previous
Show skip next
Action 1
Action 2
Action 3
Advanced Settings
Bluetooth lyrics
Expert equalizer mode
Equalizer block size
Reset AutoEQ database
Offline, Cache and Download
Cache storage location (Offline files/images)
Automatic offline mode
Only consider primary connection for wifi status
Wifi only downloads
Offline cache and download quality
Automatic offline caching of favorites
Slower downloads
Playback cache size
Persistent image cache
Wifi only image downloads
High quality images
Android Auto
Android Auto tabs
Home page rows
Library page rows
Favorites page rows
Genre to artists
Album display style
Artist display style
Genre display style
Use ascii sort
Ignore articles for sort names
Disable library auto sync
Remove empty albums, artists and genres
Debug mode
Share logs with support
Manage Symfonium generated files
Don’t kill my app
Settings PIN code
Clear image cache
Clear media info cache
Cleanup internal states
Anonymous analystics
Anonymous crash reporting
Disable media session usage