Settings - Advanced


  • Some settings may not be available on all Android version and some may only be visible when other related settings are enabled.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.


Debug mode

Enable Symfonium powerful logging system to help support diagnose your issues and fix them. See How to gather logs and open an issue
This mode can generate very large logs and slow down the application a little to write them. Please only enable it when you have issues.

Share logs with support

Securely upload the current log file to support. You need to contact support after since the files are not manually checked and automatically deleted after a couple of days.
If you cancel the operation you can use the Manage Symfonium generated files to send the proper one.

Manage Symfonium generated files

List and manage all the files that Symfonium can generate, like backups, logs and ANR reports.
You can easily delete them or save/export them.

Don’t kill my app

Open to get some useful information about how to fix some devices bad behavior that can prevent Symfonium to properly work in the background.


Settings PIN code

When set, a PIN code is required to access the settings, preventing unwanted modification by kids for example.


Clear image cache

Clear the image cache. Useful if you changed a lot of images on your server or switched to another server.

Clear media info cache

Symfonium store precise information about media during playback, pressing this clear the cache, can be useful if you updated a media but kept the same file name.

Clear playback cache

Press to clear the playback cache in case of corruption. (Should never be needed)

Cleanup internal states

In some very rare cases some internal state of the application can be invalid (App killed at the very bad moment). If asked by support pressing this should fix any wrong data state. (See to reduce the risk of app kills during syncs)


Anonymous analytics

Enable fully anonymous analytics to a private Matomo instance. This is really useful for me to have some insight about the application usage and what should be prioritized as new features / improvements.

Anonymous crash reporting

Full anonymous crash reports. This is really useful for me to have some insight about the application crashes. But if you experience crashes it’s best to contact me with details as those crash report are most of the time not self sufficient.

Disable media session usage

Some very rare devices have a bug with Media Session handling and can use too much CPU. This is very very very rare and should only be enabled when asked by support.

Restore defaults

This button restores all settings on this page to their default values. You can also use the backup and restore function to switch between different configurations of the settings with ease. (Settings - Backup & restore)