Settings - Interface - Advanced settings


  • Some settings may not be available on all Android version and some may only be visible when other related settings are enabled.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.

Change language

On Android 13 and above open the OS app language selection to override Symfonium language.

Application logo

Customize the application icon by selecting a different image to be displayed in the device launcher and notifications.

Keep screen on

Choose when Symfonium should keep the screen on. (Always, when playing something, while showing lyrics)

Screen orientation

Lock the screen orientation.

Hide top filter button

Hide the filter button from the top button bar.

Hide cast button

Hide the filter button from the top button bar and the now playing screen.

Show changelog on updates

Show a changelog screen after application updates. Since the application evolve quickly it is recommended to keep the option on and read the changelog to avoid surprises when some default behavior may be changed and require you to toggle a setting.