Settings - Interface - Navigation and media start


  • Some settings may not be available on all Android version and some may only be visible when other related settings are enabled.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.

Main navigation entries

Choose and reorder the buttons of the main navigation tabs. If you remove the Settings button, it will be moved to the top button bar with the filter and the cast.

Display navigation labels

Choose when to add a text label in navigation components.

Skip genre details page

When clicking a genre, allows direct skipping to artists, albums or songs from that genre.

Skip artist details page

When clicking an artist allows direct skipping to albums or songs from that artist.

Show queue next as drop target

You can drag and drop most media in the app for quick playback action. By default only play, queue and shuffle. Check this option to add a queue next option (Might not fit on small screens).

Show playback messages

Show a message when starting most playback action to know the action is being handled by Symfonium. Useful when playing to remote renderers slow to start playback for example.

Default song action

The default action when clicking on a media. (Play, queue, …)