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  • Some settings may not be available on all Android version and some may only be visible when other related settings are enabled.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.

Header thumbnail style

Choose the size of the image at the top of the playlist page (Or hide it)

Show “Albums”

Show or hide the section


Choose how the albums are sorted in the artist album lists.


Choose how to list the albums.


In grid style, configure the number of columns.

Columns (Landscape)

In grid style, configure the number of columns in landscape mode.

Group albums by type

If your provider expose the albums types, albums are grouped by types like lives or compilations.

Show “Appears on”

List albums where the artists is a song artist but not the main album artist.

Show “Top track”

Show or hide the top tracks from that artist.

Show “About” section

Show or hide the section

Visible “About” rows:

Choose the information you want to see about the album