Settings -- Interface - Theme, font and colors


  • Some settings may not be available on all Android version and some may only be visible when other related settings are enabled.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.


Choose between different available themes. Including Material you on Android 12 and above.
By selecting Material You, Symfonium will automatically adapt to your system’s accent color, giving you a personalized experience that matches your system’s theme.

Primary color

Change the primary color of the application.

Import custom theme

Import custom themes to personalize the app’s appearance. These themes can change any color of the app, allowing you to fully customize Symfonium’s look to your liking. You can import themes in JSON format.


Select the fonts that will be used throughout the app. Choose from a variety of font styles to personalize your Symfonium experience.

Dynamic colors

When browsing the library, apply a primary color extracted from the main image.