Symfonium custom tag parser

Symfonium embeds a custom tag parser to create a nice music library from your media tags.
The parser is used for the Local device provider when selected, Samba and WebDAV providers.

This custom tag parser is based on Taglib (GitHub - taglib/taglib: TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library ) with a significant amount of post-processing. It’s worth noting that there are numerous tools available to set media tags, and while Symfonium aims to support most use cases, it’s possible that some media may not be properly supported yet. If you encounter such an issue, please open a ticket and provide details about the files in question so that we can improve our support.

Remark: Symfonium embrace Musicbrainz ID as album / artists separators. If only half the tracks of an album have a Musicbrainz ID it will generate 2 different albums.

Tags are supported in a lot of different containers and should be properly mapped to internal data.

Supported tags

• Artists, Artists sorts, Artist Musicbrainz ID
• Album, Album sort, Albums Musicbrainz ID
• Album artists, Album artists sorts, Album artists Musicbrainz ID
• Composers and Composers sorts
• Title, Track Musicbrainz ID
• Genres
• Track number
• Disc number
• Compilation
• Original data
• Release date
• Album label
• Album mood
• Song comment
• Song BPM
• Album release type
• Song rating
• Language


To support older tags and multiple values entered as single values, some separators are applied to the data. (For the moment the separators are hard coded to fit 95% of the use case, open an issue with details about your use case if it’s not covered)
• Genres:

  • " / "
  • “,”
  • “;”
  • " & "

• Artists:

  • " / "
  • " , "
  • “;”
  • " feat. "
  • " ft. "