Custom tag parser for Subsonic content

Feature description:

I’ve found these;

The releasenotes suggest that subsonic has a custom tag parser, or am I reading that wrong? I cannot find it in the subsonic settings. (Added support for disc subtitles to OpenSubsonic and Symfonium custom tag parser (Clear tag cache and sync again).). I can’t find a clear tag cache anywhere, already checked the cleanup section in advanced.
There is also something about android custom parsing, that’s probably something else than the subsonic server

Problem solved:

Right now when I search for 2Pac, it could show many entries, for example:
2Pac ft. Snoop Dogg
2Ppac, Outlawz


This would make sure that 2Pac would show once, and when I dive into 2Pac’s songs, it would show all songs, not just the ones that are explicitly only labeled as one Artist named 2Pac. (so it would also show those songs with ft. and ,)

Brought benefits:

Artists list would become MUCH smaller in an instant and would give you proper artist names instead of hundreds of collaborations with a few songs in each

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Additional description and context:

This would not only be relevant for artists obviously, but that would be the first big win for me. Could also allow custom tag parsers for Genre so we can add stuff like & or even simply a space.

Screenshots / Mockup:

 Screenshot 1   

Well no your Subsonic server is responsible for the parsing and generating of the data.

Use another server or fix your tags.

But is any parsing done for artists? I mean, the song artist is probably correct in most cases (like 2Pac ft. Snoop Dogg or 2Pac, Snoop Dogg),. However if I want all songs of 2Pac, it would not give me songs where there’s a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, even though its correct.

What divider would I need to properly group the artist names?

There’s 0 parsing by Symfonium it shows the data that the provider sends.

I don’t know what server you use you need to see with it or change it or fix your tags as just explained.

It’s Navidrome.

How can I fix the tags? The song actually has 2 artists, how do I put those artists in a way where Symfonium recognizes 2 seperate arists? (a divider for the tags, e.g. ; )

Really ?

I just told you twice now:

I depends on your server, I don’t know … Symfonium get the list from the server, see with the server.

Please do not make me write this one more time.

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