View or treat multi-disc albums as single albums like Plex does

I have a few multi-disc albums such as the Well-Tempered Clavier that span two, three, four or more discs. Two things could help me to use these albums in my local device provider. The first is that it should be possible to see the album as a single entity in list views. The second is that it should be possible to play the album as a whole without needing to add each disc to the queue individually. Plex provides these facilities and I have organised my music library using the Plex rules like artist/album/disc #/track name. The mp3 tags for album name are the same for each track in the album and the disc number field is populated. Track numbers are in order within each disc. For example, discs 1 and 2 can both have track number 1.

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If only there was a template to fill …

It’s already all supported but there’s 0 information to tell you what you do wrong.

OK. I will look through the manual, the help and the interface itself to find out how to display multi-disc albums as a single disc. Can you give me a hint about where to look?

You need to adapt the split album setting to your need. If your albums are in multiple folders then do not check the folder option.

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I can’t find the “split album” setting - where is it?

Hint there’s complete docs Docs and search functions …

I get your commitment to self-service.

please assume ppl read the wiki page you responded with above & did not find the answer.

Well all your current messages does not show that you actually read sorry.

And well Local device - media provider configuration this is in that page :wink:

This is on the page:

Split album by:

You can select how Symfonium split the albums. Each selected option must be equals for songs to be part of the same album.

It is not clear now to navigate to “All Settings”

You edit your provider as the end of the wizard explains when you add providers :wink:

that was the first place I looked. is the “split album” setting only seen during the wizard?

Read the docs :frowning:

The settings applies to Symfonium tag parse, so is only visible when it’s used …

There’s help buttons on each provider pages that send you to the actual provider documentation.

ok I’m going to assume this is not the root cause of the issue and redirect to this conversation:

Michael, I am curious if you ever solved your issue.

Yes, I went back to PowerAmp. I think I remember that you might get something like what you want by deleting and then re-adding the music source. You get some one-time options then. By the way, Tolriq is always this angry and condescending. He doesn’t seem to understand the value of feedback, as if any ideas must always and only be his. Any misunderstanding is your fault as he is perfect. Very annoying.

When you come to some place and ignore and delete everything written on each of your post then yes it’s on you :wink:

Not talking about your bad rating :slight_smile:

Our interactions are public and I’m not sure that it shows what you think it does. Still waiting for actual usable feedback from your issue …

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