[Wiki] Local device media provider configuration

Symfonium can access, organize, play and cast the music from your Android local device.

It support 3 different modes for that purpose, but since those modes are not compatible between them, you can’t just switch between them and need to remove then configure again the provider.
It is recommended that you try and decide the mode early and before starting to add favorites that can’t be migrated.

Music scanners


  1. Android (Media Store)
    In this mode Android find your media, scan the tags and provide the data to Symfonium that just displays it. This is the most limited mode as Android scanner is limited and do not support many tags, not support multiple values per fields like artists or genres.
  2. Symfonium (Media Store)
    In this mode Android find your media but Symfonium scan the tags and generate the library from it. This allows the full power of Symfonium tag parser without having to manually select the folders that contains your music. (Due to Android “security” this mode is necessary if you store your music in your phone Downloads folder).
  3. Symfonium (Files - SAF)
    In this mode Symfonium use Android Storage Framework to scan the music files in the folder that you specify. (Due to how Android works, you can’t select the root of an SDcard or the Downloads folder for example).

Note: Symfonium tag parser cache the tags to speedup future syncs, if you updated your songs tags and the app does not detect it, you can force a new sync by clearing the tag cache in the host settings.



  1. Scrape addition artists metadata
    Try to download artists images and biography from online sources.
  2. Prefer song thumbnail
    Will use each songs thumbnail in list instead of the album ones. Useful for compilations if each songs have a different image. Will require more storage cache and slower syncs.
  3. Filter short tracks
    You can select the minimum duration for a song to help filtering unwanted media.
  4. Exclude folders
    You can exclude sub folders from the sync to remove unwanted data.

Custom parser details

The custom tag parser in Symfonium is based on Taglib (GitHub - taglib/taglib: TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library) with lot’s of post processing.
Please note that’s there’s tons of different tools to set your media tags and while the goal is to support most of the use case, it’s possible that you have media not yet properly supported.
Please open an issue with the files and details so it can be improved.

Remark: Symfonium embrace Musicbrainz ID as album / artists separators. If only half the tracks of an album have a Musicbrainz ID it will generate 2 different albums.

Tags are supported in a lot of different containers and should be properly mapped to internal data.

Supported tags

• Artists, Artists sorts, Artist Musicbrainz ID
• Album, Album sort, Albums Musicbrainz ID
• Album artists, Album artists sorts, Album artists Musicbrainz ID
• Composers and Composers sorts
• Title, Track Musicbrainz ID
• Genres
• Track number
• Disc number
• Compilation
• Original data
• Release date
• Album label
• Album mood
• Song comment
• Song BPM
• Album release type
• Song rating


To support older tags and multiple values entered as single values, some separators are applied to the data. (For the moment the separators are hard coded to fit 95% of the use case, open an issue with details about your use case if it’s not covered)
• Genres:

  • " / "
  • “,”
  • “;”
  • " & "

• Artists:

  • " / "
  • " , "
  • “;”
  • " feat. "
  • " ft. "