Compilations not listed as single album

Issue description:

I read a few other posts & it’s not clear if this is an issue w the server not providing the compilation flag metadata or something else.


Upload description: udance4ever

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

add a provider with compilation discs
witness compilation listed as multiple albums

Media provider:

don’t know: either Emby, Kodi or Plex (this feature would be helpful :wink:)




Stop the spam and take a few seconds to read the docs ? :slight_smile:

When connected to a media provider Symfonium displays the data that the provider sends.

So your providers sees diferent albums probably due to your tags.

ok let’s figure out what provider the compilation is from & I will confirm what the native app does.

Again : You can hide providers whenever you want … + you can 3 dots details on a song to see the provider for that song.

thank you. I confirmed the provider is Emby & even their native app does not deal with compilations (as others noted, Plex handles this & I believe Jellyfin does too (but I can’t confirm this as my Jellyfin server is not up at the moment))

I will let you know if Emby decides to add support per your request!