The joy of Play Store :)

And still no willingness to actually state your issue for a solution ? :slight_smile:

One day I’ll understand people, maybe.

But again since you did not read anything, no a bad rating is not an experience of support… No one can help from a Play Store comment, no way to contact you back, no details and limited to 350 chars :wink:

If only the second sentence of the app description clearly explained that …

I wonder what he’ll win after a year :slight_smile:

Seems we reached a new low in lies and aggression here … WTF is wrong with people.

Can’t you report slander reviews like that? I don’t think I’ve seen sexuality discussed even once in the months I’ve been using the app and forum pretty much every other day.

There’s a button to report yes and then it’s handled by bots or dumb people and the result was :

(It does break 80% of the rules …)

Despite this being slander / defamation and obvious fake lies for the rest. Google is a joke, they remove good ratings randomly because they think they are fake or the user rated too soon after using the app, and yet allows this …

I can escalate and there’s a 50% chance it’s removed, but this is the joy of Play Store as the title of this thread :slight_smile:

But even without the Google issue, I really can’t understand why people would assault random guy like that with this kind of stuff just because they don’t like paid apps?

So I join the beta explaining that there’s cache on displayed data and should contact support if there’s issues.

Instead I’ll leave the beta and leave a bad rating on the prod release that does not have the issue.

I’m so tired.

And he’s back again I guess it’s for life now so cute.

Thanks @Hyperion despite all the previous exchanges and the forum posts, you still think that killing the app with a bad rating will solve your issue by magic :slight_smile:

People are so nice and respectful :wink:

At this point this is more than ridiculous …
Can’t people read and think ?

Now I’m ashamed that he’s French …


Well I guess taking time to explain each time that it only covers English and 1 sort and so not 90% of the case is being snarky.

Always nice to see that kind of user.

So I enable the option to download all the media and bad rate. Then when the dev post an answer explaining how to contact, the user complains that there’s no github to report issues … and that the dev must correct his phone configuration by magic …

It’s really fun to be Play Store :slight_smile: