The joy of Play Store :)

Using this thread as a compilation of all the nice comments on Play Store :slight_smile:

And also maybe as a reminder to real users that it takes 15 five stars rating to just counter 1 one star rating. And as a paid app, there’s no a lot of ratings so your ratings are important.

Since I like humanity and Streisand effect here’s some kind of nice user comment.

Thanks to the others who actually support devs.

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:frowning: 28 years on the Internet, and I still fail to understand this type of “human”.

People are so entitled and expecting everything for free. So annoying. I’ll happily pay for a great app like this to support the Dev.


I’d never seen the term “Streisand effect” so provided me with some interesting reading.

Still not sure what that has to do with Symfonium. I wonder what AC has done in their life to progress our species forward. I guess nothing

“noooo nooooooooo where are the plethora of shitty ads that kills my experience, i dont want paid apps, theyre too convenient”

The good thing is: we users still can mark reviews as being not helpful.

And in cases like this you can report a review to Google by flagging it “inappropriate because of hostile content”. Just did that.


I will use this port as the hall of fame to vent a little :slight_smile:

So we have this guy that update his comment on every single release of Symfonium since March 2023 (So 13 times already …)

This is the all time record on any of my apps about someone trying to hurt an app in the long term.
Too bad he his too shy to actually show what he did to be so upset about what I could have answer him.

I guess it’s all about his first bad rating:


I’m pretty sure this is what he consider an useful feedback.

Seems one time was not enough for him :slight_smile: The joy of online presence.

Ho little boy have discovered all the downvotes so he removed and added the comment again :slight_smile:

Some people really have some high level issues …

So he is still using it (version number is updated) but still keeps on trolling. Maybe he wants to get famous in this hall of shame.

And the 15th update of his friend :slight_smile:

Wonder what a child from them would be like.

@splinter one of your compatriots :wink:

1000€ phone but kill random people for daring to make thousands of hours of work paid for the price of a coffee.

Love Play Store so much …

Lol, defender of the FOSS but Google phone :joy:
I doubt that he has any interest other than getting the app for free.

Yes and instead of asking, prefers to kill the app.

People are so dumb, where is natural selection …

I suppose the message about contacting me instead of useless bad rating is hard to grasp.

In real life when people have issues with something they contact the seller for support.
Seems for some it’s now logical that it’s better to tag anonymously the wall of the mall.

Google really made poor choices with Play Storey and give bad habits to users…

The link I give:

“Dev doesn’t like bad reviews” is my favorite. Other than everyone else, who do like bad reviews.

There is still too many people out there that do not get that a review will only be valid until the next release. If the issue even lies with the software and not with something else (phone, usage error, misconfiguration). These people consider software the same as a hardware tool bought on Amazon. Nothing can be done if that does not work as expected. But here, many things can be done.

Yes exactly that, contact me and things are fixed / added :slight_smile:

And of course the fact that he mention a non existing option :wink:
The only option that sound like this is prefer server version that does the opposite of what he wants so pretty sure he just messed up. But well who cares :slight_smile:

I like this thread, this will make a lovely collection.

Yatse style comment :slight_smile: I have no idea how network works so the app does not work …

@splinter another compatriot :wink: Any idea what he means ? Translation makes no sense