[Wiki] How to gather logs and open an issue

Symfonium is a sophisticated application with extensive support for a wide range of providers and players. Troubleshooting can be challenging without the necessary details and logs specific to your unique configuration.

Fortunately Symfonium have a powerful debug mode engine that can be enabled to easily gather those informations.
It gathers the necessary data to be able to see what is happening and is required to be able to fix issues.

Once you have the logs reproducing the error, you can either send them by mail to the support from the application (See below) or preferably open an issue here to help other people that may face the same issue. Head to Support - Symfonium support press the New Topic button and fill the mandatory template.

Generate logs

Note: Logs generation slows down the app a little and can take a lot of space, do not forget to disable debug mode when you have finished reproducing the issue.

To enable logs just go to Settings then Advanced and check the Debug mode option.

You can then reproduce the issue while the logs are activated. When you are done press the Share logs with support button to automatically zip the logs and prepare the mail for support. You can still change the mail destination if you want to check the logs content first. (All passwords/tokens are automatically redacted in the logs).

If you cancel the logs sending you can still access previously generated logs from the Manage Symfonium generated files menu.

You can then delete or share the files. If the app freeze then you can also find ANR reports here that the support will need to investigate.