USB DAC native support


I want to ask if you have any plans to implement native USB DAC support (like in the USB Audio Player PRO). App looks great and works as expected but I have problem with proper DAC support (FIIO Q11). When I start playing music for eq (96kHz, 32bits) my DAC set static kHz to 192… and when I switching for another music (44kHz) the settings are the same (192kHz). In UAPP the bitrate and rest of the settings are always adjusted to the music file…

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If only there was a nice template that you could fill and everything :wink:

There’s no plan to write a driver as UAPP but Android 14 should improve on that.

Now the real question is why are you bothered by what is displayed, you can’t hear the difference with the same EQ settings since there’s none.

The only impact is when playing media with more than 192kHz as it’s not currently possible on most device (For some enabling the hi res option and offload mode works).

I would be interested in a USB DAC Driver too!

The only real option is Roon, which earlier this year made ‘Roon ARC’ which can connect to your Roon server and stream music with a connected DAC. It’s just a shame Roon costs a fortune!!

Your application is almost perfect!!
But it can’t cut it for people who are looking for Bit Perfect Playback with External DAC on Android.

If you will implement USB DAC Driver your app will be surprior in all fields to UAPP, PowerAmp, Neutron Player and even Roon ARC!!

Just think about it…

What do you mean by; “Android 14 should improve on that” ?

You have no idea the investment and cost to write such driver. Even Poweramp does not do it.

Android 14 is supposed to add direct USB audio output so would do mostly address this.

If course no EQ but that’s the fun part any EQ is no more but perfect anyway despite what some think.

There’s a lot of audio bullshit like 1500€ per meter cables network improve sound …