USB DAC native support


I want to ask if you have any plans to implement native USB DAC support (like in the USB Audio Player PRO). App looks great and works as expected but I have problem with proper DAC support (FIIO Q11). When I start playing music for eq (96kHz, 32bits) my DAC set static kHz to 192… and when I switching for another music (44kHz) the settings are the same (192kHz). In UAPP the bitrate and rest of the settings are always adjusted to the music file…

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If only there was a nice template that you could fill and everything :wink:

There’s no plan to write a driver as UAPP but Android 14 should improve on that.

Now the real question is why are you bothered by what is displayed, you can’t hear the difference with the same EQ settings since there’s none.

The only impact is when playing media with more than 192kHz as it’s not currently possible on most device (For some enabling the hi res option and offload mode works).

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I would be interested in a USB DAC Driver too!

The only real option is Roon, which earlier this year made ‘Roon ARC’ which can connect to your Roon server and stream music with a connected DAC. It’s just a shame Roon costs a fortune!!

Your application is almost perfect!!
But it can’t cut it for people who are looking for Bit Perfect Playback with External DAC on Android.

If you will implement USB DAC Driver your app will be surprior in all fields to UAPP, PowerAmp, Neutron Player and even Roon ARC!!

Just think about it…

What do you mean by; “Android 14 should improve on that” ?

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You have no idea the investment and cost to write such driver. Even Poweramp does not do it.

Android 14 is supposed to add direct USB audio output so would do mostly address this.

If course no EQ but that’s the fun part any EQ is no more but perfect anyway despite what some think.

There’s a lot of audio bullshit like 1500€ per meter cables network improve sound …


Did you already implemented the API in the app or you are still waiting for something to start?

You’re right, I am no app developer.
eXtream Software Development‏ (Makers of the app ‘USB Audio Player Pro’) made their whole app around their proprietary driver.
In fact, I know it and is so hard to make a USB driver that even a company with a budget like ‘Roon’ took UAPP’s driver and implemented it in Roon ARC.

I’ll agree with you on one more thing, these “Elite” audio cables are BS…

I don’t need EQ, the artist made that track like that for a purpose and I respect that. To be honest, the first thing and probably last thing I would need from an audio player is the ability to play my track without alterations.

Yeah! I read on the Android Developers Blog, sounds promising!!
I know that this direct output is a solution for “some” DAC and not all but it is a great start!
Android 14 is out for 4 months, is there any initiative to incorporate the new Audio-Mixer-Attributes class into the app in the near future?

I would love it hear from you!

I bought your app some time ego and it picked my interest recently as I plan to listen to music primarily through a self hosted server.
I see big potential in your app and you will hear more from me in the feature requests and bug reports sections :smiley:

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There’s still not a single device that have the necessary drivers to actually use and test, but ExoPlayer side is said to be ready, now it’s down to Google to support that on Pixels or another OEM.

Sounds exiting!!
I’m enrolled to your beta, I’d love to test it out when the time comes!
Thanks for the fast and informative reply, it’s always appreciated.
Keep us posted!

Be aware (you probably are): both the DAC and even more your speakers/headphones have a massive influence and by definition alter the sound you hear from the digital source (and let’s not forget about your ears). So what you hear is by no means what the artist heard in the studio, it is just one interpretation of it. So EQing makes sense to comp for the shortcomings of your speakers/headphones (and your ears). On the other hand, every applied filter introduces other issues. So it is always a trade-off.

On big speakers I tend to not apply any EQ, because I chose the speakers for their sound. Headphones, especially in-ears for smartphones or noise-cancelling headphones are a different matter though.

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Omnia Music Player ( seems to be the first Android app with “bit-perfect” playback support on Android 14, will Symfonium follow suit?

Since it’s actually not implemented in any device that’s unlikely :wink:

I asked the developer what phone they used to test it out, I’ll let you know…

This is the response from the developer:

“I am testing using a Samsung Galaxy S21 or S22 with Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100, or Mojo, or AudioQuest D1”

Turns out my very own phone is apparently bit-perfect capable, it’s just that I wasn’t sure about it, since I was reading online that the feature needs to be activated by the OEM in order to work, so I was working with the Omnia developer to debug his app because he insisted that all is needed is a phone with Android 14 but when I tested the app it didn’t work at the beginning, therefore, my Motorola G34 with Android 14 is perfectly capable.

I believe you can now implement the feature so you can test it with my phone and I will be more than happy to help you out with that.