Unable to shuffle playlist by album title

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I’m trying to find a way to use a shuffle by album based on the songs within a playlist. I have a couple playlists where I hold a bunch of albums with the complete set of tracks and listen to those albums in a random order. I do not want the song list to be completely shuffled.
I’ve been able to find this feature in players like Rocket Player (option at the top of the playlist) and Musicolet (long-pressing the shuffle button). Has anyone found a way to this?

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This is not possible for the moment, you are supposed to use albums smart playlists for that.

The problem is that this requires to load everything in memory to apply such sorts and that does not work for 300 000 songs playlists that Syfonium handles without issues.

Interesting perspective.

Has anyone found a way to address this? Right now the playlists I’m looking at have 66 and 347 complete albums that I cannot narrow down quickly using any of the filters that I’m seeing in the attached screenshot.

Is there a way to dump a batch of album names somewhere or I would need to create individual rules that select the name of every album using the “Title” filter?

How does that “Tag” filter work? I tagged the playlist but it doesn’t seem to carry over into this filter…

Your songs need to be tagged on provider side, and the provider needs to deliver the tags with the sync. Not sure which providers do support that - I think Kodi does, while OpenSubsonic does not.

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I don’t think you can create a smart album playlist out of the contents of a song playlist. There is no “in playlist” filter for smart album playlists. You will have to recreate the album playlist manually.

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You can export smart playlists to text format edit them then import them.

Create a simple one with 1 album then export add the others and import.

I’ll see if I can add a in playlist filter there too.

I tried the Beta and I noticed that the “In Playlist” filter is now there, thanks!