Album Mix Lists

Feature description:

Ability to make custom groups/playlists of albums that can be shuffled while maintaining the order of the internal songs. Basically a playlist for albums

Problem solved:

Shuffling all my favorite albums has been the best feature on symfonium for me but a lot of the time i only want to shuffle certain albums of a specific genre or something.

Brought benefits:

Not needing to skip around album mixes when you only want to listen to (for example) instrumental albums

You can already make smart albums playlists.

:+1:. sorry about the dupe request then, wasn’t quite sure what it would be called so i couldn’t find anything related when searching.
Edit: Would it be possible to have album playlists which aren’t smart (each album is added manually)

No real plans for that, you can build such playlist via smart playlists, just add title filters for each albums you want in it.