The joy of Play Store :)

“Even if you’re right” is the money quote here. Definitely worth the $5 they paid for it :joy:

If only there was a long free trial and dozens of ways to get help or a refund by contacting me.

When will people think? A bad rating does not refund, a bad rating does not solve issue, a bad rating does not add features …


I guess some people just can’t … :slight_smile: I paid for the app, it have very good advantages but I prefer write a novel and loose money than contact the support. And keep writing random things like “playlist are chaotic”… wtf does that mean.

Internet have made people dumb.

The app is amazing so let’s kill the dev because I do not want to pay app, so no one should be able to use this app …

@splinter I think you can get rich by providing a 6 month course to use Symfonium in German :slight_smile:

I only accept students capable of reading and writing correctly. The automated translation to English is more correct than the original German review text. So that is where AI can help us…

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I’d bet the AI would do a better job at configuring the app too.
Hilarious review tho. It’s like he bought a swiss knife and then complained about all the extra tools since all he wants and understands is a single blade.

Not my week with Germans it seems …

If only he could have contacted me and send me a file to add support …

For @radicalalpaca this is the comment the user you answered to post and my answer there.
I unfortunately does not his previous comment and can’t remember, but to have users down voting a comment on Play Store it must have been quite impressive.

But yes I’m a very bad person.

I’m all for transparency and have nothing to hide.

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The play store review was childish and uncalled for, I’ve now put it back to 5 stars and removed the spiel, so apologies for that. If you can remove or at least black out my name on the screenshot I would appreciate that, I don’t like having my name linked to this pseudonym. And thanks for solving my issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for your understanding. I’d also like to redact my calling you an asshole, this was all just a stupid misinterpretation on my part, so apologies for that too which I hope you accept. Again, thanks for the prompt help :slight_smile:

Well he changed phone and he’s back…

Who the fuck is insane enough to keep doing this for years …

At this point I can’t even understand anymore.