Sync playcount, last played, and favorites from ListenBrainz

Feature description:

synchronize listens data from ListenBrainz (play count, last played, and possibly whether a track is liked) to update Symphonium’s library statistics. I believe all that would be required is a username to retrieve this data

note, I’ve made a separate ticket for listens submission to ListenBrainz, this is just for pulling data from ListenBrainz

Problem solved:

I listen to my music several different ways, through Symphonium on my Android and MusicBee/Firefox on my PC. all of these sources I’ve got feeding listen data to ListenBrainz, and it would be really nice to have Symphonium updating its built-in stats from this data. this would allow it to show my actual top tracks based on all sources (and from before I used Symphonium), not just the top tracks I’ve listened to in Symphonium, along with all other stats

Brought benefits:

would allow users to see their full stats from all media players and streaming services as well as (in conjunction with a scrobbler) allow for Symphoniums stats to be recovered when switching to a new device, rebuilding their library, or synchronized when using Symphonium on multiple devices

Other application solutions:

as far as I’ve seen, there’s no other Android media player that uses ListenBrainz data for stats

Additional description and context:

would likely partially resolve this ticket:

related to this ticket (tho not dependant on it):

ListenBrainz documentation for retrieving listens data can be found here:

Screenshots / Mockup:


Already discussed a lot but this is out of scope of Symfonium.

If you want a full blown media provider, then you should use one, this is a mobile app I can’t provide what a full server app can.