Built-in ListenBrainz listens submission

Feature description:

this would apply to all media providers, preferably with user options to exclude some providers

what I’m looking for is a listen submitter for ListenBrainz, one that submits MBIDs (if present and available from the providers) as well as what service the listens come from. you should also have user-configurable options to only submit listens from certain providers

edit: this should also be able to submit to a personal ListenBrainz server, as users could self-host their own ListenBrainz server

Problem solved:

many providers (Jellyfin, Plex, Navidrome, and Kodi, likely others too) have plugins for (or sometimes built-in) listen submission clients, and it would be nice to be able to only submit listens for providers that don’t (local device, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), especially for users who have multiple providers connected

Brought benefits:

this would make it easier to submit listens to ListenBrainz without needing to install a seperate app or allowing notification access to that second app. this would also improve the data being submitted to ListenBrainz by including MBIDs and which services are used to listen. lastly, this would prevent duplicate submissions, which you could get in some circumstances.

Other application solutions:

both PanoScrobbler and the official ListenBrainz app are potential alternatives, but they can only solve half of the problem, as they can only be configured to scrobble per-app, and could result in duplicate submissions (say from the Jellyfin plug-in and Symphonium through PanoScrobbler, for instance)

Additional description and context:

ListenBrainz documentation is here:


screenshot from PanoScrobbler setup

Screenshots / Mockup:



This answer might still apply - unless the man changed his mind.

I will also note that submitting data on which provider is used would be nice, but is completely optional, and the PanoScrobbler dev decided not to add a similar feature due to the response from the Google Play Store

the main reason for this feature request is to submit listens only from specific services (Local Device) and not from others (Jellyfin or Navidrome), which to my knowledge can’t be done by an external app

also, the user options might only be necessary for providers who might add submitters, and not for those that can’t, like local device and cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)

Isn’t that what the ListenBrainz app is for? I don’t use it, so I actually don’t know, but that would be my expectation…

Edit: ah, sorry, I misunderstood. You want only to scrobble certain playbacks from specific providers, not all playbacks (as the ListenBrainz app would do).

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the ListenBrainz app can also submit on a per-app basis, but since Symphonium can have multiple services connected, you can get duplicate submissions from two sources, Jellyfin through the plug-in and Symphonium (using Jellyfin) through the ListenBrainz app, PanoScrobbler, or any other external app

There’s still better apps to do that, there’s dozens of different services to support.

For your specific need of filtering you should try to have pano author to see what currently unused data of media session we should use so I can expose th provider and he could propose filtering on that.

Next release will have a flag per provider so that Pano can skip scrobbling that provider.