Library and Listening Statistics

Feature description:

A view to see statistics about your music library and your listening behavior would be great. Seeing your most played songs, album, genre, playlist etc is always nice to look at.
Maybe also how many songs are downloaded and a lot of other statistics all in one place would be a nice addition.

Problem solved:

Just a nice convenience feature.

Brought benefits:

It’s always great to know more about your listening behavior.

Other application solutions:

Spotify has the yearly music wrap which tells you what you’ve listened to.
Also musicbee has a library statistics feature.

More detailed explanation

It might also be useful to see the top 5 songs and albums.

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This part you can achieve via, Maloja, ListenBrainz etc. in combination with the free Pano Scrobbler android app.

This on the other could only be achieved within Symfonium I think.

If you use lastfm or one of the alternatives, you can use it for both MusicBee (it has a lastfm plugin) and symfonium (and a whole lot of others). Pretty much any player can scrobble to LastFM so you get a unified listening history independend of which app/player/server you used to listen to it.
I’ve been doing that since 2009 and have a listening history of ~260k tracks by now, spanning 10+ different players and services over the years.

Symfonium does not and have no plans to keep complete history of each play with corresponding dates, you only get the number of plays and the last played date.

So yearly wraps are not possible.

You can already add the most played album and songs rows to home page.

So would need a lot more details about what would be in that statistic page and how it would be presented to have any interest.

Thanks for the heads up on and co. I will check it out and it looks very promising.

Nevertheless, a statistics page would be great. Maybe in the Settings/About section.

Stats I would include in this page (but I would appreciate feedback):

  • Total song count (downloaded number in gray?)

  • Total album count (downloaded number in gray?)

  • Total artist count (downloaded number in gray?)

  • Total minutes played

  • Favorite 5 Songs with playcount

  • Favorite 5 Artists with their playcounts

  • Favorite 5 Albums with playcounts

  • Favorite 5 Genres

Maybe add a reset button for the last 5 bullet points?

I think everyone would love such stats :smiley: