Stop playback after end of current track

Feature description:

I know that this is an existing feature through sleep timer as mentioned in another feature request: Add a way to stop playback after the current song finishes playing

But I hope there is a way to

  1. make it easier to access, for example, as a configurable behavior of long-pressing the play button
  2. don’t have the minimal 1min wait for the stop-after-track to kick in.

Problem solved:

Stop after end of current track is a functionality I’d use quite frequently, almost everyday, sometimes more than once a day. The current way of enabling it is too cumbersome as it requires too many operations.
Also, sometimes the current track has less than a minute to play, but sleep timer has a minimal 1min wait, so in this case there is no way to have it automatically stop after end of the current track, only the next track.

Brought benefits:

Same as what described in the previous thread, with more convenience.

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