Better Queue Managment

Feature description:

Hi, I often find myself in the situation where I wish to finish playback after the currently playing song, which is in the middle of a queue.

I can think of a number of ways to make this easier in Symfonium:

  • Add a clear remaining queue button (clears songs after the currently playing song) [This is how Blackplayer works]. This would be the ideal method.

  • Add an option to stop playback after selected song, in the context menu [This is how Musicbee works]. Ideally this would be combined with:

  • Allow multiselect in the queue, as in other lists, preferably with dragging select too. This would make clearing multiple queue items much quicker, and other tasks, along with UI consistency.

  • When dragging a song down the queue, you have to push it to the very bottom of the screen in order to get the list to scroll. When letting go of the song there, it should drop to the place in the queue you have scrolled to, rather than returning back to where it was. This would be a workaround if you are unwilling to implement any or all of the above options, and I would say is more fitting with expected behaviour than currently,

I believe a couple of these items have been suggested before, but I thought I would offer my further suggestions, while also seeing what your mindset is regarding implementing them nowadays. This would be golden for me in order to be able to manage my queue on the fly.

Thanks as ever!

Problem solved:

See above.

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See above.

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I’m fairly certain that I suggested the “clear the queue except for the playing title” in the past. What I’ve used as a workaround is the sleep timer set to 1 minute with the option ticked that lets the song during which the timer expires play to the end.
I’d also like a “clear remaining queue” button and the option to stop playback after a specific song in the queue (I also use MusicBee) however since I was turned down in the past I would not get my hopes up.

You did not always made proper separated requests :wink: And as seen recently one request may also have wrongly worded the request to not express the reason you wanted it.

Are you talking to me or @655321 ?

To the other guy :slight_smile: bla bla 20 chars

True, but not in this instance.
If you want to refresh your memory.
I even made mockup images and everything.

I think many of our misunderstandings in the past stem from the fact that english isn’t the native language of either of us.

Well I told you the initial plan about such feature and you told me it was OK so I assumed that well it was OK.

That’s not what I call turned down.

It is okay (at least for me). That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be better. You turned down my suggestions and told me about a different approach that also handles the same issue somewhat. That’s all I meant.

Well another misunderstanding :wink:

You say I want X, I answer Y is already planned is it OK ? You say yes.

How am I supposed to know that no it’s not OK? I have some visual hints when my wife does this, here I only have what you write.

Despite what you may think I try not to be annoying so I’m content with solutions that make what I want to achieve achievable. Even if they’re not the solution that I would deem “best”. I outlined what I had in mind, you offered a (in my opinion more limited but workable) alternative so the issue was resolved. That doesn’t mean that my opinion of how it would be solved best changes tho.

You already know and it’s written everywhere, that I do not take solutions from users as is.

I take needs and try to find the best solution for the need and all the needs I gathered in 12 years of apps related to media centers, in that case something relatively similar was planned as asked by many so I asked you said yes. If that does not fit the need you need to say it I can’t guess.

Since that feature as proposed made sense for other use cases, and you accepted it for your use case, there was nothing to follow up for me.

I need to see the big picture, all users and maintenance, but I still can’t read minds.

TL;DR; you were absolutely not turned down on that feature request …

I probably should have worded it differently. My suggested solutions were turned down because an alternative that somewhat solves a part of the same problem was already in the works. I didn’t mean that you turned down my issue.

I just wanted to add my support to @tobyburton96’s request as he pretty much had the same ideas that I offered in my feature request as well and told him how the sleep timer set to 1min can be used as a workaround for some cases.

Well I did outline what I deemed possible solutions and why. You’re more than smart enough to know that using the sleep timer is only a workaround for the issues I described (if you want to stop playback after x tracks you’d have to add up the durations to use the sleep timer, it doesn’t allow clearing the rest of the queue without terminating playback or removing track by track etc.). Multiple queues and the sleep timer help work around these issues, but do not fundamentally solve them.

That’s why I did not press the issue back then. It’s up to you how you implement features, all I did was suggest solutions for a few problems, what and if you do anything with the suggestions is up to you.

The sleep timer is good enough for how I mostly use it (stop playing after the current song) while not really addressing the underlying issues with the queue management.

As I said, I try not to be annoying (and I do tend to write very wordy comments).

TL;DR; the solution was a workaround for me but I did not want to annoy you so I accepted it since for my personal use it’s good enough

No idea what you mean by that, when you drop the song it stays where it’s dropped.

I’ll take a video later

I’ve uploaded a video with an appropriate title: “Dragging song to bottom…”.

It looks like it only happens when you drag the song to the bottom of the list (which is obviously what I was doing given the problem I am trying to solve). The song returns to it’s original position.

Ok so just a small issue when you drag far after the end of the list, easy fix, next time just report issue :wink:

Sure, thanks. Any thoughts on the other requests?

I’ve added a clear remaining queue in the 3 dots menu of the now playing queue this solves this.


Legend, thank you very much