Add a way to stop playback after the current song finishes playing

Feature description:

I’d like a way to stop playback after the song that is currently playing has finished.
The button in the bottom right of the queue view clears the entire queue including the song that still plays, stopping playback.
A second button that clears all tracks below the currently playing track would achieve this.

An even cleaner solution would be adding a “Stop After Track” option to “More actions” in the “Now Playing” view for the track that is playing.

Problem solved:

I often want to stop playback after the song I’m still listening to has finished playing to end a listening session cleanly without having to time the queue clear with the ending of the song or manually removing all remaining items from the queue (which is not feasible for large playlists/queues anyways).

Brought benefits:

More granular control over the playback behavior and the end of a listening session.
Removes the need to manually stop playback at the right time, clearing the queue or timing clearing the entire queue with the ending of a song.

Other application solutions:

In MusicBee I can right-click on a track in the queue and choose “Stop After Track”, removing the need to clear the queue.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Implementation in MusicBee:
stop after track mb

Mockup of a second button clearing everything but the current track:

Mockup of a new “Stop After Track” option in “Now Playing” - “More actions”:

The plan was to add a after end of track in the sleep timer.

Don’t think I’ll do it in another way.

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That also sounds reasonable, I’m looking forward to it.