Sort songs from an artist by "year - album - track number"

Feature description:

Adding an option to sort tracks from an artist by year - album - track number
There are two ways to achieve it, imo:

  1. You add this specific sorting option
  2. You add a custom sort option, where the user can input things that have priority. For example, you can do that on foobar2000:

Problem solved:

Technically not a problem.

Brought benefits:

I think it’s a very natural way of sorting songs. It’s especially useful when you want to listen to an artist’s full discography, in chronological order.

Other application solutions:

Lots of applications sort songs like this by default, and then you can change if it’s in ascending or descending order.
Otherwise, you can see how it works in foobar (see above)

That would not do what you think for albums with songs spanning multiple years like a compilation.

The album would be split if there’s other albums in the years between the span.

Fair point, that’s what I don’t tag compilations with different dates. Still, it’s an edge case imo. So you don’t consider implementing this?

I’m not fully decided but yes I probably won’t.