"Play", "Play Next" and "Queue" from Arist page should follow display order

Feature description:

In Settings => Interface settings => Artist page, I have selected “Sort: Year (Ascending)”
Therefore, that’s how it looks like: https://i.imgur.com/vQUrAsc.jpeg (as expected)
However, if I press “Play”, “Play Next” or “Queue”, songs will be ordered in a different order (can’t figure out how it’s chosen): https://i.imgur.com/rw4p4Am.jpeg (not expected)
Just in case, I uploaded a log (Tomatot 2)

Problem solved:

I think it would be more consistent/predictable if songs were queues in the same order, i.e. by year in my example.
This also indirectly solves my previous grip: Sort songs from an artist by "year - album - track number" - #4 by Tolriq

Brought benefits:

Being able to play a discography chronologically (even with some songs inside an album have a different date, e.g. in a compilation, it won’t be a problem) easily.

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Screenshots / Mockup:


You do know that you can order the albums from the artist in the album artist view and press play there and it will give the resut you want?

Well, that’s the issue, from a lot of artist pages, it doesn’t work properly:
Can’t figure out what order is used. Watch unnamed | Streamable

Again the artist ALBUM view :slight_smile:

If you have album grouping enabled press the album button near the end. Or enable skipping the artist detail page to go to the album page.

Sorry, got it confused in between “artist album” and the “Album Artist” tag… How is the order chosen in the view I’m choosing though? Thanks for the workaround but I still find the current implementation confusing.

Again this is not a workaround…
You want to play albums in a specific order you go to the album view, you want to play songs in a specific order you go the song view.

Playing an artist have different meanings for different people so whatever the ordering applied will not please some. And again an album sort is not a song sort, the fact that you do not care about compilation and dates does not makes this the reality for the others.

If playing from the artist view is basically random and the order can’t be guessed/anticipated, what’s the purpose of this button? Why not make it the same behavior as the albums view? Especially since you can also sort albums in the artist page.

Playing an artist have different meanings for different people so whatever the ordering applied will not please some.

Well, that’s why they can choose how to order albums in the settings. At least it will please some people. At the moment, I don’t see who it’s supposed to please?

The order is not random.
Why not the behavior of the song view because well it plays songs since it also plays songs from compilations where the artist is the song artist but not the album artist ? You know again you are not the center of the universe.
You are currently the only one complaining so maybe it please the others who asked for it?

Seriously now stop trying to convince me you are the only one that matters and your need is the only need, it’s not sorry to disappoint …

The order is not random.

How is it decided then? That’s what I’m asking since the beginning - I can’t figure it out.

I am not trying to make app tailored for me specifically. While of course I would benefit from the change, I thought it would benefit everyone else too. Thanks anyway.

Not really what you ask is how to change it to your liking :wink:

Again it plays ALL SONGS from the artist including some where the artist IS NOT THE ALBUM ARTIST. So no applying an album order here does not make any sense for the general use case that is not yours.

But it still tries to group by containing albums and have the songs in grouped albums in the track order.