Settings - Playback settings


  • Some settings may not be available on all Android version and some may only be visible when other related settings are enabled.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.

Headset button

Single click

Action to trigger on a single click on the headset button

Double click

Action to trigger on a double click on the headset button

Triple click

Action to trigger on a triple click on the headset button

Remap next button

Some devices do not allow click remapping, you can then remap the triggered action.

Remap previous button

Some devices do not allow click remapping, you can then remap the triggered action.

Slower click detection

Increase the delay between clicks to detect double and triple clicks.


Equalizer - DSP

Open the equalizer and DSP configuration page. See Advanced Equalizer / AutoEQ

Playback state saving

Save the current playback state and queue to always be able to resume current queue even after an app kill or phone reboot.

Cellular maximum bitrate

If your server support it, limit the media bitrate when connected to cellular network (Transcoding)

Force instant transcoding

When transcoding for cellular and loosing wifi, instantly restart the playback in transcoding mode to reduce network data usage.

Wifi maximum bitrate

If your server support it, limit the media bitrate when connected to wifi network (Transcoding)

Playback cache size

Configure the size of the playback cache. When enabled Symfonium will try to pre cache the current songs and the following queued songs to better support slow cellular network or network interruption.
The number of queued songs pre cache increase with the size of the cache.

Retain shuffle and repeat mode

Why default when you start a new playback the shuffle and repeat mode are reset. Enable this option to keep their previous value.

Remember last renderer

Enable this option to try to reconnect to the last selected player on application start.

Automatic actions

Continuous playback

Enable this action to have Symfonium automatically queue some new songs when you reach the end of your current queue. Those songs will be based on the last few songs genre and creates an “infinite” radio mode. (

Volume auto play / pause

Automatically pause the playback when you set your phone volume to 0.

Headphone auto play

Automatically resume playback when you plug your headphone.

Bluetooth auto play

Automatically resume playback when you connect your Bluetooth headphone. This requires an Android permission that you need to accept.


Multiple media queues

Enable support for multiple media queues. See Multiple media queues

Short audio focus action

Change the default action when another app takes the audio focus for a small time (Like Google maps)

Prefer internal decoder

Prefer the usage of Symfonium internal decoder, this improve codec support and fix a few devices bugs, but can use a little more battery.

Offload mode

When using the device decoder, try to completely offload everything to the phone audio processor to reduce battery usage. On some device when combined with the Hi-Res settings this allows to bypass some phone sample rate limits.

Local renderer Hi-Res

On devices that support it try to render the media at higher quality when the source is higher quality. (Will disable a few audio processorts like playback speed, skip silence, …)

Transcoding engine

Enable the internal transcoding ending to play a lot of new audio format like DSD, MPC, APE, …

Min. play percentage before marking as played

The minimum playback percentage needed before Symfonium mark a media as played.

Min. play time before saving resume point

The minimum playback duration needed before Symfonium save a resume point. Set to to never to disable the resume functionality.

Enable pitch control

Enable pitch control in the playback speed panel. You can disable this option to simplify the playback speed screen if you never use the option.

Restore defaults

This button restores all settings on this page to their default values. You can also use the backup and restore function to switch between different configurations of the settings with ease. (Settings - Backup & restore)