Playlists: Move multiple selected items

Feature description:

When organising a playlist, I would like to be able to select multiple songs and move them up or down the playlist.

It relates to the following feature requests but is not the same:

Problem solved:

In playlists, if I decide that many songs should go above several other songs, then I need to drag and drop each song.

If, for example, one album of 20 songs needs to go above three other albums, then I need to either (1) delete the albums and re-add or (2) Drag and drop at least 20 times (more likely 40-100 times depending on the number of tracks in the other albums).

Brought benefits:

Faster playlist management.

Other application solutions:

Only other solution except many many drag and drops of individual songs is to remove and re-add songs.

BUT if songs in the playlist have already been reorganized (e.g. no longer sorted by album but customized by user), and many of these need to be moved up or down relative to each other, then the only solution is a LOT of drag and drop.

Additional description and context:

You are awesome for making this app and I am happy to be supporting the project

Screenshots / Mockup:



Sorry but way too complicated to properly implement and maintain for a relatively rare need.

OK, thanks for considering it