(2 features) Option for default action for long press on media items & multiselect in queues

Feature description:

Feature 1.
Make it so that you can toggle whether you want the drag and drop action or multiselect on long presses.

Feature 2.
Multiselect in queue lists. Pretty self explainatory

Problem solved:

Feature 1.
For those that prefer the drag and drop action for queueing songs etc. Besides, sometimes you will accidentally multiselect two songs when long pressing, making it more convenient to just use drag and drop for those who only use long press for queueing individual songs.

Feature 2.
Not being able to add multiple songs from a queue to a playlist.

Brought benefits:

Feature 1.
More customization for personal preference.

Feature 2.
Multiselect in queues could be useful if you want to add multiple songs from your queue to a playlist.

On a side note, thank you for your hard work on this application. It has become without doubt the best of its kind. :pray::pray: Respect

Please refrain from mixing multiple request in the same feature request.

Anyway sorry but no and no :frowning:

  1. Both long press and multi select are available depending on the place, having options would just confuse people even more. If you can explain and repro the double selection with long press open an issue for that.

  2. Not possible as there’s already way too much gesture handling there for one, but mostly because all the actions are hidden behind a 3 dots because the songs are not yet resolved when in the queue, so Symfonium does not know what are the possible actions or not, and loading everything would just slow down everything for very little gain.

Alright sorry about the two in one thing. The double select is not really a bug but more of a ux thing. Like I said, if you start multiselect on the edge you might accidentally select another song as well. Something I have experienced multiple times which is kind of annoying given that I am yet to even use the multiselect for selecting multiple things.

Ofcourse I do agree it could be very useful in certain situations, but I dont think it should be the default long press action, or rather, the default way to queue individual songs (quickly).

This mainly for two reasons: one mentioned above (double select thing) and the other reason being the fact that the queue buttons are uncomfortably small. This is fine for the occational time you might want to select multiple songs and add them to a playlist or something. But for the vast majority of times when you want to quickly queue a song this is not optimal.

I understand if you dont want to implement a toggle for reasons you explained. But in that case, would it be possible to implement an alternarive way to queue a song? Like swiping to the right for queue next and swipe left for add to queue?

Sorry for the long text

Again I do not see how you can accidentally select multiple songs.

Only way is that you are too used to the drag and drop and start dragging.

Icons are standard touch size as all other so not sure why you find them small.

Don’t think any other app have drag and drop either so this is mostly a small time to adapt to a change.

As alternative you can 3 dots and queue.

The problem with swipe actions is that is only works for songs not grids and I cherish consistency in UX.

I mean, the list and grid have already become quite seperated from each other? You cant multiselect in grids either? Besides, it kind of makes sense, dragging and dropping in grids and swiping in lists? Think about it.

Also, the swipe to queue action is also how spotify does it. It’s just how most people are used to queueing songs.

Yes you can multi select

Check the video it’s even very nicely done with lot’s of effort :wink:

I see, in that case should you not also add multiselect for playlists for it to be completely consistent? (But please dont, I do enjoy my drag and drop)

No as there’s nearly no use case for that, same as there’s no multi select in the home overview rows and a few other places.

Anyway Swipe actions are bugged in Compose right now but I’ll eventually change my mind later if more people asks.

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I understand the impetus for adding multi-select, but like OP, I preferred drag-n-drop, and I’m sad to see it go. MS is more awkward for me to use, and brings no benefit, as I have never had a use-case for it – I always want to act on a single item at a time.

not sure how relevant this is but as a very early zoomer that didn’t grow up with internet i’m used to long press on touchscreens being multiselect or opening an options menu, basically function like ctrl+left clicks, or right clicks