Now Playing Screen with multiple artists

For tracks with multiple artists, tapping the artist entry on the now playing screen chooses one artist (usually the wrong one) to display the details screen for.

A small popup allowing you to choose which artist to go to is likely most preferable here so that the user doesn’t have to jump back to the now playing screen, open the context menu, and choose the desired artist.

I reported the same thing before here , and this was fixed by allowing to jump to each artist through the “three dots” menu.

I wouldn’t really call that “fixed” since I’m often not getting the information I want to see when I press multi-artist field (it’s usually the main recording artist that I’m looking for). If a popup, basically what’s in the context menu, isn’t in the cards then perhaps a check that prefers the artist with more tracks to his name in the symfonium db?

I’ve already explained how it works and what is displayed here, why there’s no notion of main artist or orders …

I did not want to make those lines clickable because it would lead to this situation. I’ve added them for you with clear details and now you complain that it’s working like I told you it would :wink:

I’ve added a bottomsheet but starting from now I’ll start to refuse non logical asks that will lead to such absurd situations. I was way too nice until now.

Well thanks, I missed it. Maybe a wiki explaining that will prevent future asks.

The context menu is a very busy menu with 12 entries in there excluding the artist(s). As a user who doesn’t care about silences, boosts, speed, or sleep timers or offline caches I don’t want to be spending so much time navigating through those to find the artist.

If bottomsheet supports it, maybe two columns of options would alleviate things a bit.