Observation on multiple artists

I noticed something on multi-artist display.

In the album detail view, the artists are shown as separate items. They are sorted not in the order of appearance, but alphabetically, and also not by sort name but by (display) name.

Album detail view

In the NP screen, the artists are shown as stated in the tag (Kodi actually makes the separation by " / ") - is this actually the display name of the track artist then?

NP screen

The linked artist you reach when clicking on the combined artist name is not the first artist shown though, but the alphabetically first artist (the same as the first artist on the album detail view, “Berliner Philharmoniker” in my example).

This was just a little unexpected. I would care less about the sorting if the NP screen had seperated artists as well, but that might not be possible? The “go to artist” option in the three dots menu on the NP screen would be ambiguous then as well…

Yes that’s the display name. I do not have the order so can’t ensure all.
And song artists can be different from album artists too.
Getting the full artist list is slower on this screen not sure it worth it as songs in general have one artist.

Excellent solution here as well. Thanks!