Non-embedded lyrics support for offline cached files

Issue description:

Per our convo over email, I’m opening this request to have support added for non-embedded lyrics with offline cached files within emby.


Have you checked that the media have no Embedded lyrics? How are the lyrics provided to Emby?

Yes, correct, there are no embedded lyrics. The lyrics are provided to emby using .lrc files next to each song on my disk.

Non-offline files work fine w/ lyrics in symfonium, but offline files do not show lyrics (all lyrics are provided by .lrc files).

Thanks will look into that after my second holidays :slight_smile:

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much appreciated! enjoy your holidays

I would be interested in this one as well, as I have a lot of .lrc files named exactly the same as .flac files. I currently use plex as a media provider.

As the tags says it’s implemented.

Please open an issue with logs so I can see your issue.