Non-embedded lyrics not showing for offline cached files

Issue description:

The non-embedded lyrics are not showing for offline cached files. As I understand, this should have been resolved after Oct 2022, according to this post: Non-embedded lyrics support for offline cached files. But this is still happening to me.
I am using OneDrive as the provider. The song I used to reproduce the issue in the log is Luminous Snow.


Upload description: sandimy

Media provider:

One Drive

Where are they not showing?

I can’t reproduce and for those provider online or offline for the lyrics is the same as the lyrics are gathered during the sync not at playback time.

Oh, I did not expect that. I’ll write down my reproduce steps:

  1. Empty the rolling cache
  2. Play a song with external lyrics (.lrc) - lyrics showing
  3. Wait or tap the progress bar to make sure the song is fully cached in the rolling cache
  4. Play another song (not in the current queue)
  5. Play the first song (start a new queue) - No lyrics showing
    Please let me know if you still can not reproduce it.

Also, in my log, Line 755: lyrics=z6.f@f77e2bf, while Line 1312: lyrics=null. Hope this is relevant.

So no those lines are not really relevant as the lyrics are stored elsewhere.

Anyway the issue is not about offlinecache but playback cache and optimisations that makes that depending on how the media is started it will be fully resolved with lyrics or not.

Will be fixed in next release.

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