No library contents shown, says "Loading" unusually long

Issue description:

The home page first looks fine, but when I browse the library at some point it says “Loading” and does not show any contents anymore. That includes playlists and offline files. After some time everything I back to normal. In the logged example, it went relatively quick, although too long regarding the fact that nothing had changed.


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The logs looks perfectly normal with nothing slow.

Can you provide logs and a matching video so I can match things and try to figure more?

It does not always happen, I will leave debug logs on and try to start screen recording every time before using the app.

So not present in the logs? :slight_smile:

In the logs I sent it was present. But I tried a second time now and it did not happen again.

This actually did not happen again, especially not since I have 0.9.9. I will observe further but for now consider this some hickup with the previous version and/or the sync state with my Kodi instance.

I am not sure if it was really the same issue, but I just sent you logs and a screen video of something which looked similar.

There is something generally wrong with the app now - I recorded logs for another issue before. The logs got very big (28 MB unzipped) and also were attached to the previous logs from a couple of days before. I was not able to use the “sent logs to support” function anymore. Now I deleted all previous logs, but the app is still in the stte shown in the video.

Well unfortunately logs don’t show much :frowning:

You seem to be able to reach an invalid state, but it’s already too late to know why. Do you know exaclyt what you where doing before reaching this?

Yes. I had triggered a sync with Kodi to log the offline cache buttons issue. I had enabled debug logs before. The sync started, then I moved to the download list and played around with the buttons. Then I disabled debug logs. Then I wanted to send debug logs, which did not work anymore already. I looked into “files managed by Symfonium” to see there was a 28 MB debug log which was not being zipped. I shared it (through the share function of the file, to Dropbox), and I guess then I went back to the library to see that it was in that “Loading” state. Then I re-enabled debug logs (turns out logs were simply attached to the same 28 MB debug.log file), and only then I started the screen recording.

Well I’ll add some random stuff around those in next release to have more logs in case it happens again.