Jellyfin XML playlists unable to be imported

The app seems good however my playlists that were built within jellyfin don’t seem to import (they are xml) whereas ones I have imported into jellyfin from elsewhere as m3u8 work fine. Whenever I go to import my XML playlists it just says no playlist content to import. Is there any way to get all my playlists to import properly?

Also if there is a way to get this working (since it’s a dealbreaker for me) is there any way to get playlists displaying on the main screen?

As the template you deleted says I need logs …

For the rest yes you can, may need next release depending on the need.

debug.log (22.8 KB)

I have attached the logs, it looks like I don’t have access to it or something, but the user account “Music” is the account I used to create the playlist I’m trying to get so I dunno.

The error is returned by Jellyfin and well Jellyfin have it’s share of issues :frowning:

You can check Jellyfin logs to see if there’s something more there, else I’ll need an access to your server to be able to reproduce and see if I can find one more workaround.

I can see some related issues like Playlist section is blank if user doesn't have access to "All Libraries" · Issue #2369 · jellyfin/jellyfin · GitHub or [Issue]: Playlist access requires a user to have access to all libraries · Issue #7071 · jellyfin/jellyfin · GitHub / Playlists 'infinite loading' if the user not have all access libraries · Issue #6514 · jellyfin/jellyfin · GitHub seems you’ll need to update your user permissions or use one of the workaround from some of those threads.

Hmm interesting. I have managed to fix it by allowing access to all libraries, even though there is no ‘playlists’ library to access, but then have revoked it since I only want music, that seems to have worked. So yeah this is definitely an issue with Jellyfin but that workaround works for now. If I change a playlist on the web do I have to re-import I’m guessing?

And is there a way to show playlists on the main page? I’m not sure if you meant it was in the next version or if I can at the moment

Playlists auto sync if they are imported as read only, else you can press the sync button to choose the sync direction [Wiki] Import / Sync media providers playlists (But of course if you remove the workaround it will probably fail again)

For the main page you are not clear enough. You can set the playlist page to be the main page, you can add a button to go to playlist in the main page, if you want a row with playlist like the other rows then it’s only possible in the next release (will have a row to show the favorites playlists)

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Ok cool that answers all my questions, thanks!

Hmm… I am having the same issue, but my account has access to access all libraries. My playlists were created on jellyfin, so it is a xml playlist.

Open your own issue with logs I can’t guess what is happening on your device and network.