[Wiki] Import / Sync media providers playlists

Symfonium can import and keep in sync the playlists that you create on your different media providers.

Import playlists

In the library section of the application click on Playlists then press the import button.

Select the provider you want to import from.

Select the playlist you want to import or press the Import all button.

By default the playlists are imported as read only, this means that you can’t edit them and they will automatically be updated during syncs when their content change on the media provider.

You can enable the option Import as copy to have a copy of the playlist on Symfonium that you can then edit. (You can still manually sync them but you’ll loose any local modification that you may have done).

Sync a single playlist

Imported playlists can be synced from your media server at any time by pressing the sync button. If the playlist is a copy a confirmation dialog will be shown to avoid local changes loss.