Intelligent filters

I had to search a little for the intelligent filters, because with my home page/ menu settings, I could not access them (they don’t show up in the genre list…).

I will definitely have to work on the translation…

And although I find the interface self explanatory (I am an IT professional), I am curious how other users see that.

One thing that I noticed on first trial: after saving a filter or saving it to a playlist (after hitting the save button), the keyboard pops up again. This seems strange.

It’s smart filter :stuck_out_tongue:

People are used to it in Yatse and Plexamp have them too.

For the keyboard yes there’s bug opened for Compose about that waiting for their fix.

@splinter with my large music collection I use source + smart filters more than anything else to browse my albums and decide what to play. Starting from genre would still give me too many albums to make an easy selection, although my smart rules often include/exclude a number of genres.

I suggest that you add Alll Albums to your menu settings, create and save a number of smart filters as “presets” and then experiment with loading and modifying them dynamically as a different way to explore your music. It’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

@AWren, what kind of filters do you define there? Could you give some examples?

For me, genre usually represents to a certain extent the mood I am in or want to be “served”, which is why that is my usual starting point. After that, I usually have a feeling for which artist(s) I want to listen to, and then choose an album. I almost always listen to whole albums.

For the record the new versions does support mood tags from Kodi and Plex so can be used as filter / main library nodes too.

I saw that, but never used those. I do my music tagging in iTunes, which does not have that. And finally I would probably spend years with setting up a proper mood list and assigning the songs right (where is the line between sentimental and sad?) :joy:

I don’t use them either but Plex does auto fill that with many :wink: There’s many English words there that I have no idea what they mean :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems title sort for intelligent playlist does not ignore articles.

Edit: it seems ignore articles does not work at all anymore… logs: 20220416_175111

And what I “standard” sorting? Looks like title sort, only that new additions are added at the end of the list.

Default is no sort so the order in the db depends on the provider.

Sort title works nicely so will need more details. But yes smart playlist have only the title sort not the sort title ones will add them.

I think sort titles are not available on Kodi API (something which I would really like to see, but I think it is on Dave’s long roadmap).

What other details can I provide?

Sort titles are available on Kodi you even opened an issue about a side case :wink:

Your logs does not contains anything filtered by sort title so I’m pretty sure you just forget to select the proper sort. Ignore articles applies to sortitles.

And as explained earlier playlists only have title sorting not sort title sorting.

I love the smart filters/playlists. I’ve uninstalled PlexAmp now! Keep up the great work. I’ve been recommending it to my family members who use plex.

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Sorry, I don’t know, I am ultra-confused now, let me recap:

  • Sorting by title sorts by plain title, no matter if “ignore articles” is set or not.
  • Sorting by sort title sorts by whatever sort title Kodi/the provider provides (e.g. if on provider level I already filtered out articles, this will apply here). If no sort title is given, Symfonium will apply ignore articles setting on the title.
  • What I meant when I said that Kodi does not support sort title: the sort title provided by Kodi is whatever sort title Kodi calculated. But it is not the sort title from the TSOA id3 tag. My Kodi issue was about sort artists, btw :wink:

To sum it up:

Thanks :slight_smile:

sort artist is sort name on the artist and sort name is sort title is the global things :slight_smile:

But yes seems Kodi does only support sort title for artists.

I worked through some of the translations, hope that cleans up the German UI a little.

Some more generic things on intelligent filters:

  • On album filters, Artist and Album Artist should also at least have “starts with” (if you want to select all artists starting with an “A”), possibly “ends with”, “contains” and “does not contain” as operators.
  • On album filters, would it be possible to add number of discs as a filter target (e.g. to be able to make a list of double albums)?

sorry for necroing this thread, but is it possible to add in a filter option for a media provider? I use 2 different users in emby (1 for me and 1 for my kids) and I’d like to be able to filter out their music from my music.


Sorry - should have been more specific. I would like to be able to filter providers within a smart playlist. As far as I can tell, when I filter my songs view using the above method and then further filter and then save as a smart playlist, the smart playlist only takes into account the secondary filter option, not the method you linked above.

Please correct me if I’m wrong though.


Yes that’s the missing piece of smart playlists but so unrelated to this post :wink: Please open a proper feature request so I do not forget.

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looks like I may have a similar issue.

I am using the app on my pixel 3a. For many times I return to the app when it’s running on the background, the keyboard pops up for no reason.