Add Provider & library as filter options for smart playlist

As discussed in this thread (Intelligent filters - #18 by feerlessleadr), adding a separate feature request to add a smart playlist filter option for provider.

It would also be great if a filter option for libraries within a specific provider (like in emby for example) could be added as well.

I have 2 providers set up (1 logged into my emby account for my music, and 1 logged into my daughter’s account for her music). Each provider has multiple music libraries configured as well, so the ability to filter on both would be awesome.


I just realized that I wasn’t notified by the forum when the tag was changed to implemented, and so never followed up on this.

I’ve looked through the changelogs, as well as through the filter/rule options and I don’t see any option to filter on either provider, source, or library. Should I be looking elsewhere in the app?

Implemented != released :slight_smile:

Ah, fair enough. Any insight into when it will be included?

In next release :wink: And no I never give dates.

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