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Hello! I think it’d be cool to be able to switch app’s language independently from a system language. My system language is Russian but I usually prefer to have my apps on English, so I think that’d be useful. Thanks!

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@Tolriq First of all, this is not a duplicate. It is very specific on an option to override the language to English, not a range of languages.

Secondly, I came here after my 1 star review, which trigger that most dramatic reply that I ever experienced from a developer, where you implied it was possible to override the language. It’s probably well hidden that option.

Not to mention that previous to my review I came here to read your dismissive tone, the same dismissive and over dramatic replies - so this is part of the reason for the 1 star review.

Can the language be overridden? How? So far you implied it isn’t.

Oh snap, How to change language per each app in Android 13

My bad, crystal ball isn’t working. Fucking shit dev.

Hey nice guy :slight_smile:

I’ve added a button to help you for next release since you don’t know your OS features.

For the rest you might want to read all the post here instead of what you think :wink:

You bad rate saying you can’t change the translation when you can and complain about a bad translation without ever telling what translation we are talking about …

Ho another very nice insult and agression from you.

Fucking shit dev.

But I’m obviously the bad guy here :wink:
One day people will understand that devs are human and acting like piece of shits like you do just result in loss of respect.

My dude, basic apps include a language option. Not including it is bad design. Even a damn text box. That’s the problem, you’re full of assumptions.

This is an Android feature :wink: And no not all apps support that, because Google was against that, and it causes many issue in quite a few cases.

Anyway I’ve added a button in next release as said :wink:

Symfonium/Main strings @ Weblate :wink:

So instead of acting like a piece of shit like you do, learn respect and thinking it will help you in real life too…

A normal user would have asked how to change the language here and would have had an answer.
A normal user would have told what translation have issues, so I could ask the translator to improve the translation.
A normal user would have done quite a few other possible choices.

Yes you chose all the worst possible choice and seems stunned to not get a nice answer?

Yes, right, I see what you did there… you left out your own reply to my review (before my EDIT), but for context let’s include all pieces of shit in this conversation:

You see, if you refrained from your snarky and passive-aggressive habit of speaking to people (plenty of instances to go around in Google Play reviews, Reddit comments, or this very forum for that matter) it might have happened easily that I edited my reply and review to something as dignifying as “I’ve added a button to help you for next releasewithoutsince you don’t know your OS features”.

So, you see, not only are you a piece of shit from the get-go when it comes to talking to potential customers, you’re under the impression that one must have some occult knowledge or a masters degree in OS functionality.

This above is about as much as a lie as I’ve ever seen one. Most apps I have ever used, which are translated by default, include an option in the settings to override the translation. Not all, but most either only offer English or offer an in-app option to switch it. And I for one cannot comprehend how it didn’t occur to your all-knowing mind of including an option that on tap would open the respective OS menu or a pop-up with a short text explanation on how to toggle languages.

Not bad design, no sir… the users are just plain stupid, so much so that two topics exist in this forum asking about this and one closes with “duplicate/won’t fix” and the other with “nope, not many languages atm, let’s wait for Android 13 see what happens”.

Again, I left a 1 star review explaining why. And although 1 star review might have been too harsh and the content more vague than ideal, certainly not expected of a professional developer to use confrontation as the first reach.

Get some people skills first or someone to handle PR, because you might know a lot about Android but you don’t know jack shit about talking without. Hypocrisy, I know, but I’m not selling anything so there’s that.

You are funny :wink: Still unable to give the translation that may have issues …

For the record my answer was not on the mail from Google that I pasted hence why it’s not shown … :wink:

**Now since you keep not understanding the situation, this request that you comment on is 1 years old, the app was just out in 1.0 … **

So this post was a duplicate (forcing to English or to any other language is the same).

And my answer to the orignal request was also true, the app was only translated into 1 language at that time. There was no point and no priority to implement that. Language selection was added when Android 13 was out as commented on that original post (Version 1.5.0 released)

So as I said I know thinking is very hard and that you know everything better than anyone, because you are ner0 after all.

But to resume, you bad rated on Play Store with a lie and without giving the only possible useful information.
You keep writing non sense and insults and yet still unable to give the only possible useful information.

So sorry to hurt your feelings but you are the issue here …

And of course I never said it was not a design miss, you are again making assumptions, no one requested it that’s all.
You assaulted me because of the missing button so despite your disgusting and stupid actions, I added the option.

As a normal user you could have come here and ask the button and you would have had a nice answer and the button too. But no again you choose the worst possible option and complain about the result.

You are seriously amazing, but not understanding how you are the problem with your actions, and that no, when you assault someone and act like a piece of shit in most part of the world, you won’t get a nice answer …

So as I was preparing 4.3.0 final, I allowed myself to check your IP to know the translation since it was impossible for you to tell, I assumed the insults allowed me to.

And 2 translations where wrongly merged while really incomplete (including your country), next time be a normal user, everything will be much more simpler for everyone.

I pointed in my review something which I regarded as an obstacle to fully experience the app. I usually 1-star my negative reviews to engage the developer. How the developer engages back to a rating system is his choice. And so your justification becomes ironic: it’s a lie in itself to say that I was lying in my review. It wasn’t a lie then, it still isn’t a lie now, it may become one eventually assuming you ever fix your app in that aspect. If the language selection is not “documented” in the app, which it isn’t, then it doesn’t exist and I don’t really care how many scapegoats you come up with to justify it.

As for the usefulness of my review, well… it could also be argued that your original reply to my review was supposed to be very useful and constructive, but actually wasn’t, was it? I might have missed the honest intention part of it with all the confrontational diatribe, maybe “YOU CAN FORCE THE LANGUAGE … But you’ll never know, so thanks for killing an app…”? This makes me actually wonder how much business you lose and how many 1-stars you win just for indulging in your pastime predilection of being a wanker.

My feelings, you say? How about yours, a little spiked up aren’t they? That time of the month, perhaps? I don’t want to assume…You’re just going off in the reviews crying about people killing your app with low-star reviews instead of engaging them constructively, addressing the issues, misconceptions or misunderstandings, even if the user is in the wrong. You could simply turn it around by being level-headed, but no… the fucking ego on you won’t let it. What takes the cake is that in your view the user is the issue solely, like your arrogance is not an issue when you (should) know that it is, deal with it because it’ll cost you as I’m sure it has in the past.

I know I am, but thanks for the compliment anyway. Your global dev rating took a downturn in the past 4 years, which could be due to the apps themselves, the user base, or to you being a cunt; I’m inclined to believe the latter to weigh substantially more in that scale based on the sampling. But yeah, anyone can literally just go to Google Play right now and go through any review (even 5-star reviews, if they’re not stroking your ego) and check your replies to those people, you’re a fucking savage and it’s very clear to anyone. I’ve seen reviews to other apps, from other devs, where I’m like “damn, this user went crazy with this rant” and surprisingly the dev replies in a way that is extremely commendable, especially when the first contact was super rude - which was hardly the case in my original review, regardless of however you paint it.

Anyone can see underneath the sarcasm of those smiley faces, no dialogue or commentary needed. Like I said before, you don’t have people-skills, so be the good code monkey that you are and do that, but hire someone else to do the PR for you. Also, might as well stop living off of other people’s work and hire actual translators instead of sucking the life-blood of everyone for peanuts or the proverbial carrot of a free license. Unless it’s not making a buck just yet, in which case I’d wager that you acting like an utter cunt might be a detractor to your unique Stockholm syndrome business model.

Again, a liar? I can see some pants on fire. That is in direct contradiction to what you acknowledged earlier. How about my own review? How about the 2 topics in this forum, including this one, ironically labeled Feature requests and wont-implement? I guess it must have fell off your TODO list on the curb.

A review can and should be observed as input, whether critical or constructive, from which you can always derive something, useful or not, but which shouldn’t necessarily lead you to reply needlessly or aggressively like you did and frequently do in Google Play and elsewhere.

Oh wow, are you actually trying to play that game at this stage? You keep trying to reframe the argument in your advantage, but victimhood is the one thing that doesn’t fit Maximus Decimus Tolriq, nor me for that matter. Which of us got his feelings hurt after all? You’ve been plenty rude yourself from the start. Get a grip, pop another benzo and shotgun a beer.

Besides, I didn’t ask for any missing button. I merely suggested its usefulness, you’re welcome, ideas are still free. But hey, don’t do any extra work on me, I’d feel bad for the inconvenience. It’s not like it’ll be helpful to anyone else as stupid as myself or that it’ll turn back the clock or the rating, and in retrospect you do deserve to fail as that might lead you to check your ego and to grow some humility, the latter of which you’re sorely lacking. I’m glad to be of tiny little help in that regard, an overdue reality check.

Yes, I know I’m an abominable abnormal user, as you’d put it, but there’s nothing normal about your behavior anyway. My original review (screenshot above) was not an assault on anyone and disrespected no one, so if you are under the impression that I was complaining about anything else, I assure you that I was not.

You keep bashing users for their reviews and what then?! Was I supposed to take it so that you felt good about yourself? Get down from your high horse. The part where I call you a piece of shit is well past the niceties phase of this discussion. We’ve been calling each other pieces of shit for a while in this topic, shove that superiority complex aside, it takes two to tango and you’re a pretty good dancer yourself.

When I accessed this Discourse instance under your control, I was pretty sure that you would do just that, apparently it wasn’t entirely paranoia on my part. Instincts still work, good.

Once again, it’s the user’s fault, even your own faults happen to fall under the domain of anyone but yourself. Unbelievable lack of self-awareness. So to break off this animosity, get fucked with your app, it’s not nearly worth it to deal with this kind of bipolar toxic tripe whenever a user addresses anything that you might find remotely ignorant, inconvenient, or uncomfortable. Whatever is bothering you in life, I ain’t it anymore. <3

PS: At least the topic now has some useful information which is lacking from the documentation, and also personal insights - some of which may be useful to potential customers or for yourself to introspect on.

Too much to read sorry, you clearly love to try to justify your actions :wink:

And for the record I don’t care about the rating note. I care about actionable data.

You write a lie and do not give the necessary info to fix the other part … So stupid and useless but you know better :wink:

As I said translations are crowd sourced I have no way to know what your issue was to fix it… I tried to get the info but we’ll you are too smart to give it :wink: could be bad translator, dev tool issue, something else, … But again Why tell when you can act like an asshole :wink:

For the bad rating to engage:

  1. try to yell and assault a stranger and see their reaction (Yes it’s what you do even if you refuse to acknowledge that)
  2. there’s hundreds of messages everywhere about useless bad ratings for support and feature request that you just ignore.

When you smoke under a no smoke signal and act like you do the cop making you pay the fine is not the problem :wink:

TL; DR never come back but glad you did register to give the only useful data that could have come from your stupid actions.

Edit: Reading a little part and love the twist, this one is duplicate so won’t implement as I did not have the duplicate then. The other is handled as it was handled and implemented for Android 13 …

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And for the others interested in psychology: Play Store Comments

With people like you, this is the way, and even if you were even worse than anticipated and needed to check server logs it reached it’s purpose. Get something actionable from a stupid useless comment.

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Actually an interesting read, it explains a lot.
The funny part is you correlating the feedback to how aggressive your replies are. :rofl:
That’s probably one of the biggest self-serving writeups I’ve seen in a while, and then I’m the one that loves to justify my actions. Ahah, just great fun in the end.

To end the fun can you give just one explaination about why you on purpose refused to give the problematic translation? Because that will be interesting.

For the rest, numbers are numbers.

And also funny the number of comments about my nice and perfect support from users who do not act like piece of shits is also interesting. Not talking about the app ratings of course ')

I don’t fit your curated profiling when it comes to passive-aggressiveness, clearly. If you wanted actionable data, I would have been in the 10 to 30% of users who get the answer and then into those useless 5% who don’t like to be treated like shit but engage with a nice (not necessarily standard) answer.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility that you can be nice to some people, you weren’t nice to me and I obviously wasn’t nice back. Case closed, you got you actionable data and so all is good in Tolriq-land.

Yes I know you are the exception and you were nice to me so I should have been nice to you.

Because in your world, I’m not nice to you so you are not nice to me and it’s normal, but it’s not normal that you not being nice leading to me being not nice :slight_smile:

I love how some people can live in a world where 2 completely opposite things can work together because who cares about logic.

And of course still lacking the explanation about refusing to give the language in the first comment or later :wink:

I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic, probably.
I wasn’t “not nice” when I posted my review, the review itself might not have been great but it wasn’t “not nice”, the only real thing that I can infer is that you were genuinely upset about the 1-star even though you dispute this. No worries, you make it make sense, that’s what matters.

As for the latter part, the problem for me was really not being able to change language, I couldn’t care less for any language that isn’t English in the context of this app. So that in addition to the passive-aggressiveness didn’t really pushed me to be useful in any way that didn’t address the title of this topic.

Shocking news to you: Putting a 1 star on a app is not being nice … Try to translate that action to real world …

Even If I have way enough ratings to not care, for others this can have huge impacts, and that’s why I like to remind people that yes stupid / lying 1 star ratings can kill apps …

Killing someone is not being nice, at least in most parts of the world :wink: