Version 1.5.0 released

Version 1.5.0

  • Added:
    Compiled for Android 13 with support for new permissions, language change, themed icon, new notification media control, … (All Android 13+ of course)
    Smart playlists now support provider / library filtering.
    Add instant mix feature.
    Add support for Lyrics (including Synced). Embedded in the music files with local renderer or provided by Plex / Emby / Jellyfin (Configurable size, Toggle auto scroll, Toggle clickable timings, Option keep screen on while showing lyrics).
    Add advanced option to disable Media Session to help workaround some devices bugs. (If the app is killed in background on older Pixels, clear Google app cache)
    Add new option to show rating bar in now playing. (Also allows editing user rating)
    Add new option to show additional song information in lists. (Favorite, Ratings, Duration, …)
    Show ratings in songs details view.
    Add new option no download endpoint for Subsonic servers with disabled download function. (Will use the stream one)

  • Fixed:
    Fix possible trial issue when no Internet connection.
    Allow editing host subdirectory configuration.
    Fix possible sync issue with local device when SDCard is not yet mounted.
    Fix ExoPlayer issues with some m4b files.
    Fix shuffle button in list retaining the same order.
    Enable AAC support in ffmpeg to workaround some devices issues.

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