Can't play multi-track apes from onedrive

Issue description:

All multi-track ape files (each with a cue file) in my onedrive cannot be played.
Get “Error playing media, ensure that your player supports it”.

A multi-track flac in the same provider plays without any problem.
If I download the files (ape & cue) to my phone and add them to the local provider, the first tracks can be played (reported in Problems playing multi track ape files).
Since the OneDrive files can’t be played with even the first tracks, I think it’s a different issue and started a new topic.


Upload description: ape_sandimy

Additional information:

Using the same log file as Problems playing multi track ape files

Reproduction steps:

Reproduce: upload ape & cue files to onedrive, sync, and play.

Media provider:

One Drive



Yes this is an issue specific to OneDrive and ffmpeg :frowning:

I’ve reported it #10940 (FFmpeg headers and redirect issue) – FFmpeg but so far no reaction at all.
I’m still waiting a little before adding a workaround on Symfonium side as it’s a non trivial one.

Thanks for the information. Time to transcode all those old audios to flacs.

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I’ll add a workaround anyway. Not for the ape split but to still support transcoding, seeing that I doubt they will answer it’s already been a long time.

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I recommend using CueTools, should you decide to split the files into individual flacs. Yesterday I split 5 .ape and .cue pairs into individual flacs with it, works really well.

Thanks but sadly I’m on macos.
For mac, I think Flacon - Audio File Encoder is the easiest solution.

Fre:ac is also available on Mac. I use it on Windows, where it supports concurrent processing (so faster than the usual single-threaded encoding as e.g. EAC offers) and also AAC encoding with the Apple iTunes encoder (which is what I use it mainly for). Cue splitting works great. You can even configure multi-format encodings. It seems development is slow lately though.

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I tried that a while ago when I was looking for an alternative to the dbpoweramp converter as mine has become dated and it’s the only part of the suite that I still use. The UI of Fre:ac looks terrible imho and I did not find it intuitive to use either.

That and simplicity were my main goals. I ended up writing a python script which recursively scans folders for .flac files, recompresses them with the latest flac encoder using the highest compression, verify, 4kb padding etc. with as many threads as specified when the script is called and then runs rsgain on the same directory (with the same thread count) which recursively calculates replay gain tags for all music files (not only the flac files).

That easily maxes out the 32 threads of my 5950x. What impressed me was that rsgain with 32 threads managed to 100% both my CPU and the samsung 980 pro 1TB m2 SSD at the same time.

I’ve never heard of that but good for you if it works well. :smiley:

It took a little learning curve for me regarding the configuration as well, but now it is only dragging the cue file into the app and pressing one button. But yes, UI could be better, it is almost like EAC. It is strange that there seems to be no nice-looking but powerful tool available (CUEtools is also not good there).