Problems playing multi track ape files

Issue description:

I have several multi-track ape audios, each with a cue file.
Only the first track of each ape can be played.
Symfonium reports “Error playing media, ensure that your player supports it” when trying to play other tracks.


Upload description: ape_sandimy

Additional information:

Log file uploaded in the app. I am using the same log file for another issue.

Reproduction steps:

Reproduce: just play a multi-track ape file with a cue.

Media provider:

Local device



Can you upload such ape and cue file to fully repro?

But yes this is not really possible currently due to how the cue handling is done to allow gapless but at the same time APE requiring transcoding.

Finally found one small enough. Uploaded as “”, description was URL to this issue.
I’ll transcode all my ape files anyway.

Thanks. So yes it’s better to move to flac :slight_smile:

I can’t transcode with seek support and need seek support to be able to provide perfect gapless with such cue files.

Using ffmpeg to cut the parts directly at transcoding time can lead to small packet issues :frowning:

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