Better / different app icon?

excellent app, thank you for making it and i gladly paid for it!
but any chance you could get a better app icon design? the current one looks like a graphic from an 80s computer magazine and sticks out like a sore thumb on my lovely homescreen of saturate icons

a minor thing, i know, but also important!

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Sure the guy who made it will appreciate :wink:

Anyway last time I checked icons does not grow under trees, so unless you have the idea and the way to generate all the necessary assets in proper format, there’s no short plans for that.

haha, my apologies if that was you.
If I knew how to design and make icons i’d gladly do it for free for you, but alas i’m useless, sorry.

It’s not me, but yes it’s hard to make icons :wink:

I took a shot at modernizing the icon and making it look a bit more like the app itself:


An alternative version, wanted to make the spectrum a bit more “wavy”:

Still not totally happy with the colors though…
What do you think? :slight_smile:

If I may weigh in (I am no designer, but I know a little bit): the gradient colour of the S looks nice, and using the fancy waveform instead of the line makes it more modern. On the other hand the S looks very un-typographic and like a line drawn by a child, and the background colour is awful in my eyes. Looking at my homescreen, no single app uses a pastel colour as background. Most of them use very strong, saturated colours, or the obvious white (more often) or black.

The slanted (second) version does not work at all.

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No time to fully answer yet but the main constraints are
No background must work on white and dark one.
Must also work in full monochrome (so icon full white or full black) that’s why he S Is cut to see the line in current version. This is also the need for Android 13 thèmes icons.

Do you mean the “whole” icon or just the S-part? I can make the rounded square in the background a different color for sure.
Will also try to optimize the S a bit more

The rounded square should not exist, icons are used in many place and with many different backgrounds.

Yes it wouldn’t be rounded of course. That was just the mockup, how the app icon could look on e.g. the home screen

I’d like to weigh in and mention I’ve noticed this too. The icon isn’t bad by itself, it just seems out of place with the rest of the UI. If you have the accent color set as anything other than “Symfonium” it will clash.

I’m sure the original creator could make something fit in more to the theme of the application, or perhaps the logo could change with accent colour. I also feel the logo as it is currently takes too much space on the header of the home view. It might work better as a corner icon.

Mandatory “thanks for the app, I bought it” to avoid sounding over critical.

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I’ve changed your name.

For the record you can remove the icon or change it in the settings for the home page.

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Is this any better?

Only if you want to conjure the snakes of hell with your music…

Why not look for some modern yet simple font and take an S from there? The original letter was not so bad as it looked very neutral and did not convey any message by it’s style (which might be a good thing given the variety of music to be played with this app). If you want it more elegant, take a slightly serif font (but not too much, otherwise it will look like a newspaper app). I guess I would stay with the sans serif.

The main question is: do you really want to keep the letter? Basically every music player app has either a musical note or a play (triangle) icon as a symbol, or both. Except for Soundcloud and Spotify, which are really distinguishable from the rest. Using letters which are not the company logo is really rare, even for other types of apps.

The S also looks like women sex toys :wink:

And need to remember the icon must work in monochrome without gradients and in very small like the notification shade.

About the S and other apps, I’m not other apps, the icon should be distinctive and not be like the dozens of clones music players crippled with ads and ugly UIs.

Yes, I think I did not finish my comment properly. What I wanted to say is: I would aim for that, too, because the other music players cannot be distinguished by their app icon. But that is probably where you usually need to employ a pro… and the question is whether the letter makes the distinct point here.

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Finding a real pro that can be trust and does not cost millions is quite hard :slight_smile:


The icon does not necessarily needs to have the same colors as current one. But it should still be simple enough to work on any use case (notifications, launcher, …) and be clear about either music player or the name of the app.