Automated offline cache not caching as expected

Issue description:

Once again I have issues with automated offline caching. I observed for some time that newly added tracks were added to the offline cache download queue, but the download was not started automatically. Sometimes I could start it by pressing “resume”, but one time I closed the app by swiping up and reopened it and only then the downloads started.

Today I wanted to replicate the behaviour and log it, but now with 1.3.0b1 the files are not even added to the download queue anymore.

Is that the lib cleanup problem again or is my lib messed up in some way?


Logs from sync and the subsequent hour or so including some clicking around sent via email, 20220513_125622

There’s no errors in the logs but the cleanup does not seems to end.

Are you sure there’s no battery optimization things on the device that prevent the cleanup to finish in background?
You mentioned that you upgraded to Android 12 recently IIRC so triple check Samsung | Don’t kill my app!

I checked. The app was allowed background battery usage without restrictions, still I changed some general (not Symfonium-specific) settings recommended by Don’t kill my app! Btw. threy do not provide specific Android 12 instructions, but the 11 instructions mostly apply.

I triggered another sync now which finished instantly (nothing new on Kodi side) and will try to keep the phone awake for some time now. What else can I do?

Light a candle :stuck_out_tongue: And provide logs in 30 minutes, should be enough even on your device unless android 12 did slow down the file access even more than before (And it’s highly possible).

I will use “Leave screen on: always” to keep the phone awake - nice function for that kind of debugging :wink:

With Android 12, the phone overall feels a little slower for sure. Not yet annoyingly, but still noticeable. My next phone will probably be the A53 once my company offers it, but I guess that will not be a light-speed-improvement over the A51.

Also did this as recommended. I hope the little dwarf will help sorting out the lib cleanup.

I would not live under the same roof as a dwarf looking like that. Looks sadistic :slight_smile:

Now that you say it… have him since my childhood days and never saw it that way. But that might explain many things happening in my house!

But I keep him busy with keeping the plants alive (I am not a very good gardener…).

New logs sent, 20220513_144641 - no change otherwise so far.

Well there’s no sync so no change so nothing to download :frowning:

I disabled logs before I sent them for the first time (is that necessary, or can I even send the current logs while still logging), then re-eanbled them when you said “send logs in 30 mins”. So when you said “the cleanup does not seems to end”, I thought that was still running. Is it not?

The albums added with the last sync have not been added to the offline cache (three dots menu still shows “add to offline cache”). Shall I sync again? Or hold the phone over the candle?

Not visible in the logs but hard to know logging at some place would generated ultra large logs and slow things down a lot.

I’ll add some more buttons in the manage offline files to force start things.

Ok. I just hit “add to offline cache” on one of the new albums. All the tracks were put into the queue immediately and download starts right away.

Ok Symfonium is working finally in Android 12 after several test i knows what’s causing crashes in my phone. It’s Google app. I uninstalled updates and older verion of Google app that is working with Symfonium in my phone is version

@Tolriq, the issue seems fixed with 1.3.0 - at least the first sync after the upgrade worked flawlessly and offline files were downloaded immediately.

Nothing really changed but well :slight_smile:
Only addition is that from the manage offline 3rd tab you can now see all the rules including the provider ones and start them easily to better fix possible issues or generate proper logs.

Yes, I saw that, but did not need it today. Funny. I will observe the further behaviour.

Ok, now with the next additions I am back to files being added to the queue, but download not starting by itself. Do you want any additional logs - and what should I do when gathering them?

It’s already too late, you are probably facing Android nice limit on background service start.

So next time start debug logs before sync? And should I trigger download manually after some time, or should I send you the logs first?