Automated offline cache not caching as expected

Yes and just send the logs, If all is properly queued it’s just a service strat issue. Google stupid fight to break things :frowning:

Sent: 20220524_160012

But today it was really f*cked up again. Previously I had some items in the download queue which did not download at all. I emptied the queue (had to remove all items manually, “clear queue” never works for me), synced again, then it was clean so far. Now I added new items, they do not even show up in the DL queue. I tried to trigger the auto offline cache rule manually (should be in the logs), but nothing happened.

Just saw that now files got added to the queue which were added in the sync before the last one. So probably still busy with cleanup…

Sent some more logs from today: 20220525_190948

After the sync, nothing would show up in the download queue, even after triggering it. Later then the new songs were in the queue, but do not get downloaded.

Logs just again show ultra slow cleanup on your device :frowning: I’ll try some more optimisations but sounds like your sdcard where the data is stored is insanely slow.

On my P6 pro, the same thing for 45000 songs takes 4 seconds and 20 minutes sometimes on your device. That’s insane difference

Hm, it is a quality card (SanDisk Ultra I think), but you never know. Do you know if there is any app to test transfer speeds?

One other thing that might have to do with the cleanup: yesterday late I changed a number of files (changed the titles or other tags). They got downloaded again, but afterwards the overall offline file counter was increased, although I would have expected that it stays the same when no new songs are introduced into the library. I triggered offline file cleanup, which reduced the number, but only by a few.

This is not a raw performance issue, more a random io access one, it’s the 45 000 calls to file.exists that looks insanely slow on your device.

I tried CDPT (very interesting UI!!). Random IO is abysmal, sequential looks good to me.