Android Auto - remove unnecessary extra step when selecting Album/Artist by first char

Feature description:

When browsing e.g. the album list in Android Auto, it takes three taps to go to a specific character - once to open the first-character selector, once to select a character, and then instead of going to all albums under that character, it displays a list of… just that one character. Which you have to tap to get to the list. Removing that last step would be more intuitive.

Problem solved:

Instantly go to the list of “Albums/Artists starting with X” instead of first having to tap X again.

Brought benefits:

Saves time, safer while driving, more intuitive.

As said this is not normal, please consider this an issue and provide logs and more details.

Here we go.


debug.log (33.4 KB)

Log cleaned up only to obfuscate server hostname, car name and network domain name.

Android Auto version is 8.9.630624-release.

Ok so you actually request letter browsing from Android Auto on a screen that is already letter browsing.

You have too many artists, returning all of them can crash Android Auto so Symfonium already does the letter split.

You just need to directly click the letter in the screen. Unfortunately Android Auto API does not allow us to present the letter split in a better way than the list.

Hrm, not sure I follow what you mean by

You mean directly in the list (right side)? That would mean scrolling a lot and the mandatory AA “pausing” interruptions, the selector is still quicker then with the one extra tap then.

Silly Android Auto, can’t even handle a thousand results. Psh. :sunglasses:

Well this is not really Android Auto by itself but the way to communicate with app they choose.

Bundles have size limits and results needs to fit into a single one.

So to resume this works as intended in Android Auto world to ensure no crash or infinite loading spin image.

You can and should use voice command if you actually know the artist you want to listen.

That’s an other support topic I need to open still - voice commands never want to communicate with Symfonium (or I haven’t found out how).

“play another one bites the dust by queen on symfonium” makes it look for artist “queen on symfonium” in Spotify.

Yes the joy of Google :frowning: If you have a default music provider this can happen, Google does not want to recognize the app. Not much I can do on my side if the query goes to another app.

Wasn’t aware of such a thing but I did have it set indeed. Unset it as default now, we’ll see how the voice control fares next ride. :crossed_fingers:

@LVA , just so you know that you are not alone out there: I have the same issues with AA and discussed them a couple of times with @Tolriq already, but they are based on limits on the Google side and not much can be done it seems. Even when you manage to get voice commands routed to Symfonium, the results are not always convincing because Google Assistant seems to think that people only want to play songs, not albums…