"Genres" shortcut on main Android Auto screen

Feature description:

Having a (fixed) shortcut to Genres from the main Android Auto screen. I rarely know what specific album/artist I want to listen to, only that I’m in the mood for “genre X”. Currently there’s no easy way to do this in the car.

Problem solved:

Having to remember some album in the huge collection that matches the genre you feel like listening to, then having to manually browse to it (while driving… eek).

Brought benefits:

Quicker (direct) access to a specific genre - saves time, and safer too (because voice commands are pretty unreliable to say the least).

Implemented already? Yikes, talking about fast :smile:

What release version can we expect this in (or differently, how often are changes pushed to a release on the play store)?

Why not filling Android Auto - remove unnecessary extra step when selecting Album/Artist by first char instead :wink:

On it! I enabled debugging and pressed a few tests in the car this morning, need to get the logs off the phone and clean them a bit (so you don’t have to wade through god knows how many lines).

I have tools for that :slight_smile:

Hope you have taken some screenshots / photos too, as I don’t know how it’s possible.

Couldn’t since I was driving. I’ll get a new fresh log and a video while being parked, probably better.