Android Auto configurable screens?

Would it be possible to make the Android Auto screens configurable? At least I am missing “Genre” in the library view :slight_smile:

There’s no configuration and Auto is not meant for full browsing, you should use the voice commands.

Google have very strict validation on Auto to avoid distraction and risk of accident, so I can’t have too deep navigation menu hence no genres.

Scrolling through the very long artist list is even more distracting :wink: But I understand it is restricted what can be done there, and that voice command is preferred. Calling specific albums might be difficult though, if they have strange names. From what I saw Google also expects you to speak your native language, so mixing the German command with English titles is not always recognised too well.

For large list a letter selection is inserted. And if you scroll too much the screen is locked for a few seconds.

And yes Google have issues with multiple languages :frowning: But not much I can do here I only get the strings after Google analysis (And in all cases audio transcription is way out of my league :p)

I’m the developer of AAIdrive, a project to replicate Android Auto on Minis and older BMWs that don’t support Android Auto, and so I am delighted to see that Symfonium doesn’t enforce an allowed clients list and automatically works with my project!

Currently the Library list doesn’t allow access to several valuable organization methods, such as the Moods, Styles, or Tags options. I totally understand wanting to conserve the click budget on Android Auto by showing the most popular options, but different people may prioritize different organization options. So, I’m adding another vote for a customizable Android Auto Library view :slight_smile:

Browsing by directory would be especially handy for me, since AAIdrive does not enforce a click limit. Other apps provide this in various ways: DSub and Rocket Player just hope your library is shallow enough and give access to the full tree, while Musicolet directly shows a folder list of the leaves of the tree.

Thank you again for this wonderful app, providing modern access to our home media libraries!

There won’t be configurable views, too much work and complexity for nearly no gains, while I can add some more nodes, file mode will not be added as does not work in offline mode and some features like pre cache would not work correctly in some cases due to no match with the library data.

Just purchased the app. Works great.

+1 to adding a genre button for Android Auto (doesn’t even have to be configurable, just being there would be a huge help). I rarely know what I want to listen to so manually navigating to a specific album in the car is cumbersome.

Slightly related - when browsing e.g. the album list, it takes three taps to go to a specific letter - once to open the letter selector, once to select a letter, and then instead of going to all albums under that letter, it displays a list of… just that one letter. Which you have to tap to get to the list. Removing that last step would be more intuitive.

But I guess I’d better create two different specific issues for that :slight_smile:

You’re right open issues, specially the second one is not normal.

And for the record Google wants you to use voice commands on Android Auto as clicks are not safe :slight_smile: