Android Auto configurable screens?

Would it be possible to make the Android Auto screens configurable? At least I am missing “Genre” in the library view :slight_smile:

There’s no configuration and Auto is not meant for full browsing, you should use the voice commands.

Google have very strict validation on Auto to avoid distraction and risk of accident, so I can’t have too deep navigation menu hence no genres.

Scrolling through the very long artist list is even more distracting :wink: But I understand it is restricted what can be done there, and that voice command is preferred. Calling specific albums might be difficult though, if they have strange names. From what I saw Google also expects you to speak your native language, so mixing the German command with English titles is not always recognised too well.

For large list a letter selection is inserted. And if you scroll too much the screen is locked for a few seconds.

And yes Google have issues with multiple languages :frowning: But not much I can do here I only get the strings after Google analysis (And in all cases audio transcription is way out of my league :p)