Add dlna media library/server support


I just started the trial. This is a very nice app that fulfills most of my needs in several areas.
Specifically, I need an app on mobile devices which could access remote music libraries and cast to dlna playing devices. Symfonium not only does a great job on but also provides a very comfortable UI experience!
Thanks a lot for making such a nice app!
I think I am very likely to pay and use this app for a long period.

Would it be possible to add support for dlna media library/server as “media provider”?

Though the source which already implemented like kodi/jellyfin/subsonic/… could be partial or full replacement of most function provided by a dlna sever, in certain situation, I would still need a dlna server or it’s more convenient.

Besides, in my opinion, dlna server is still a common media source.

Please consider add support for dlna server.

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Sorry no plans for that, dlna have no concept of music with proper artists / albums / songs relations and tags and everything needed to use Symfonium.

To be honest, I intended to use dlna server for “file mode” only (almost).
I do have several organized collections of music whose tags are well-edited. These are suitable for jellyfin/subsonic/kodi/…

However, I also have some temporary music files that have incomplete or no tag info. In this situation, file mode would be more efficient or even the only solution.
Based on my experience, a dlna sever is easier to set up and cost less resource (maybe).

What’s more, dlna (both library server and playback) is supported by many media devices, especially many dedicated audio player.
For example, I am using a SP1000 + AMP, it provides an dlna library itself from its local storage and accept dlna stream from other devices to playback.

May be I should make the following part a separate post or maybe not…

I can’t have file mode with subsonic servers. Is this an unimplemented feature or an error?

File mode for subsonic is not implemented 60% of the servers I tested do not properly support it so I can’t offer it.

UPnP is one of the shittiest protocol on earth, anything else is more efficient than it.

And file mode is very limited, the power of Symfonium reside on it’s library and powerful functions, none of them are possible in file mode.

You can add a source in Jellyfin for those media then exclude it from the library sync, they won’t be in the main library view and show bad data but still be accessible in file mode.


Thank you for your explanation.

I will use jellyfin and also kodi seems to work for this too.

Yes Kodi works better for music globally, but no transcoding and way less secure for usage outside of your home.

On a side note: I wonder that there is no undertaking to create a modern standard protocol as UPnP replacement. Every vendor uses proprietary protocols which are more reliable with gapless or synced playback to multiple targets, AirPlay has been established as a de facto alternative standard (not sure if it still is, but at least was supported by hardware manufacturers for some time) but with almost no open source options or Windows support… although we live in the age of streaming, there seem to be no modern open protocols available.

@Tolriq , do you observe the general development there, is there anything in the works that you know of?

There’s none they want to lock people in :slight_smile: There’s maybe hope with Matter but the media part of it is still under discussion so we’ll see where it goes.

Airplay / 2 are closed source and encrypted, using them without license is forbidden :stuck_out_tongue:

OpenHome could be a choice? Though I never know any device can play through this without a third-party software…

OpenHome is based on UPnP, so with some chance will inherit all its flaws :wink: I never used any OpenHome control point, but my UPnP renderer supports it, that’s how I came to know about it.

Oh, it’s based on UPnP… That’s all I need to know :disappointed_relieved:

Imo, mmain benefit of Openhome is proper gapless playback. I use Jellyfin on my nas in combination with Ropieeexl (renderer with openhome support). As a control point I was looking for an app with openhome support. There are a few like Bubble ds, Linn Kazoo and Lumin, Fidata.

In my setup, gapless playback is a bit of hit and miss with upnp. Altough I would love to see Symfonium being compatible with openhome, for what I see its, either you support upnp, or you support openhome. Only Fidata supports both afaik.

What kind of issue do you have with upnp gapless and Symfonium?

There’s very very few end point that implements openhome and millions with upnp.

Seems like all major companies are embracing Matter, pretty sure they’ll have multi room and gapless support in the protocol.

Symfonium 1.4.0 fully support UPnP Gapless …

Seems that the gapsless playback was indeed a hick-up somewhere on my end. Last few days everything worked flawlessly.

Are you considering adding OpenHome support? Or would that not be feasible.

There’s no plans as no benefits in the end. The playlist will always be owned by Symfonium as it’s mandatory for the renderer migrations.

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