Version 1.4.0 released

Version 1.4.0

  • Note:
    If you like the application, please take time to leave a full review on Play Store it is really important for the launch and the future of the application. (Outside of beta program)

  • Added:
    Add support for transcoding for Subsonic (Playback and downloads), please report on this to start removing the beta label of Subsonic support.
    Add support for UPnP Gapless playback. (Enabled by default, can be disabled in settings)
    Add support for Kodi Gapless playback.
    Add new setting to configure the Typography (fonts) and tweaked the default ones.
    Add toggle favorite button to Android Auto.

  • Changed:
    Performance improvements, if you have performance issues, please contact me with details and your device info.
    Many small UI tweaks.
    Easier access to login during first run wizard for auto detected servers.
    Apply album year to songs for Local device provider to allow decade mix to work.
    Titles in details view can be clicked to expand when too long.
    Try to show real folders and files names in Emby/Jellyfin file mode.

  • Fixed:
    Fix possible race when migrating playback to a different renderer.
    Fix a few wrong default icons.
    Fix possible wrong artist image shown during drag and drop.
    Fixed a few UPnP edge cases.
    Try to fix auto downloads not starting on Android 12+.
    Fix for Plex trying to unnecessarily transcode vorbis.
    Fix missing album list when browsing small artist lists in Android Auto.
    Fix missing error messages in download queue.
    Fix issue with Plex SSO and updating the current IP.
    Properly ask for write permission when downloading to download folder on older Android versions.